There were 4 boys (who shall remain nameless)?going away for a bachelor party weekend?(aka “buck’s weekend). These 4 boys are part of a larger group of boys but these 4 boys are flying together seperately from the rest.

The 4 boys (again, FOUR boys…including the groom, who booked the airline tickets) get to the airport and go to the desk to check in.

They get their boarding passes, 4 tickets to Cairns.

They walk to the gate and sit around and wait to board the plane to Cairns.

They get on the plane and the captain surely says “we hope you enjoy your flight to Cairns.”

The boys land in Cairns and surely the captain says “welcome to Cairns, the weather is blah blah degrees.”

They exit the plane in the Cairns airport.

One boy says “wow it seems quite humid here.”

They get in a taxi all ready to get to the accomodations and start their weekend of fun. They ask the taxi driver to take them to a particular set of apartments on a particular street.

Hmmm… that’s weird- the driver has never heard of that particulr location- I wonder why!!

The taxi driver finally says… “you do realize you are in Cairns right?”


OOOOPS… Silly boys… you were supposed to go to BRISBANE!

How????… How after months of planning… months of emails back and forth… months of discussions of the crazy weekend of fun in Brisbane did 4, yes FOUR boys ALL manage to just “overlook” the fact that they booked the wrong tickets, got on the wrong plane and even got in a taxi to go to a non-existent hotel in the WRONG CITY??




***This is a completely, 100% true story that occured today. This story does not involve my boyfriend. He was one of the more “observant”?boys who actually booked?the correct?flight, went to the correct?gate, got on?the correct plane and?landed in the correct airport?in?the correct city. There is a happy ending to the story, all 4 boys did manage to make it back to Brisbane – luckily since the the groom was part of the group!?But who knows how much it must have cost them??***


I hope you enjoyed that tale. I know I did.

2 thoughts on “A Little Story”

  1. OMG! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! See what happens when we women don’t nag?!? Men end up doing stupid things! haha

    PS. I’m Aussie_@_heart from YDU. 🙂

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