A New Era of Sneaky Pick-up Lines

Recently I think I’ve been the receiver of some sneaky pick-up lines. Well, maybe I shouldn’t call them “pick-up” lines, rather they were just random, clever ways for guys to start a conversation. In no ways do I mean to suggest they were hitting on me, afterall, I am wearing a wedding ring- but there is just something a bit fishy about the real reasons these conversations were even started in the first place.

Incident #1

I was out having drinks after work with a few girl friends. A guy who looked quite a bit younger than us came up and told us that he and his friends were having a bit of a debate and they wanted some female opinions. This guy was dating a girl quite a bit older than him (he was 25 and she was 30) and he wanted to know what we thought the maximum age difference should be if the girl is older than the guy. We proceeded to get into a long conversation and debate on the topic until he finally slid in the “so are you all older than your boyfriends?” When nearly all of us said “yes” (strange, I know), he suddenly had to go check on his friends. Sneaky way to find out if any of us were single? Maybe. Oddly, this guy who supposedly had an older girlfriend came back 15 minutes later and asked us all if we wanted to come with him and his friends to another bar. We said no but I had to give him credit for trying. He definitely put a lot of effort into that one!

Incident #2

I was sitting on a train when a youngish guy asked me if I knew how much longer it would take before we got to Town Hall. I said no but I could check on my handy dandy iphone. I looked it up and told him and he then started asking me about the app I was using and I shared all the glorious details. So then we were chatting… he said he was going to be late getting to his destination and I asked if he was going to work. He said yes. I said “Oh, do you come this way to work every day?” He said yes. Hmm.. then why on earth did he need me to tell him how far away Town Hall was?? Clearly someone who traveled that train EVERY day would know exactly where he was. Sneaky.

Incident #3

Ok this is a weird one and I don’t really think this was a pick-up line but it was still strange so I’m writing about it. I was waiting for the Ferry one day and a French guy asked me if I was waiting for the Mosman Ferry. I said yes and I figured he was just checking to see if he was in the right spot since the sign had not posted the ferry details yet. So then another ferry shows up (NOT going to Mosman) and the French guy gets up and gets on the Ferry. Huh?? Clearly he wasn’t trying to figure out if he was in the right place because wasn’t even going to Mosman. I just don’t understand!

Maybe people in Australia have just become friendlier these days and they enjoy starting conversations with random strangers. These conversations always seem a little peculiar though since the questions these guys are asking aren’t even REAL questions that require real answers. Very strange indeed.

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