I think it’s true… I have a new obsession.

Cooking. I’ve always been obsessed with food- that was just obvious. But lately I’ve found myself actually preferring to eat in rather than go out! That’s a first for me!  I’ve always liked cooking but I didn’t do it too often- but this last week I’ve gone a little crazy. It’s like a new hobby (a somewhat expensive hobby) but it benefits those around me as well- so it’s worth it. And I really love my new slow cooker/crockpot.

Just this last week I’ve made the following:

1. Jambalaya – I made this for Andrew. I didn’t even eat it- but he liked it!

2. Stuffed chicken breasts. I didn’t have a recipe for this- just made it up- but it was REALLY good. I stuffed the chicken breasts with a mixture of ricotta, sundried tomatos, garlic, onions and basil and then baked with a sauce made from sun dried tomatos, chicken broth and a little cream. DELISH. I should write down a recipe for this next time I make it.

3. Creamy Tortilla Soup. This is another one of my own creations. My sister makes this chicken for tacos in a slow cooker. She just puts chicken and a jar of salsa into a crock pot and there you have it- Easy chicken tacos. Well, I decided to take her idea and add a bunch of crap! I just threw some salsa, cream of chicken soup, corn and chicken breast into a slow cooker. Throughout the cooking process it just didn’t seem that great. Andrew and I looked at eachother with wonder and thought… how are we going to eat this slop?? So I threw in some chopped bell pepper, cayenne pepper and crushed tortilla chips and let it cook a bit longer. Finally added some cheese to top it off and wham…who would’ve guessed it? yummy yummy casserole/soup was born! We topped this with crushed corn chips and it was fantastic. Another achievment in the experimental kitchen of Elsja and Andrew. I submitted my creation to this WONDERFUL website and once it has been approved, I’ll post a link to the recipe.

4. Homemade BBQ sauce. This was yet another recipe from allrecipes.com. I modified this a bit because I didn’t have ALL the ingredients (i.e. rum)- but it turned out ok. I think it’s not my fave bbq sauce but I plan to use it in my slow cooker this week with some chicken to make pulled bbq chicken sandwiches. (these will go well with the low-fat potato salad I intend to make with them).

So that’s it for this last week (not to mention the pumpkin muffins and cookies I already blogged about).

I really do love cooking and trying out all these new fun recipes. A new week of cooking is ahead… I wonder how everything will turn out. I’ll keep you posted!

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