I’ve started a new project. I’ve migrated into uber geekdom by starting my own nerdy online forum. I’ve been inspired by my other geeky?Americans in Australia forum so?I decided I’d create my own place to waste time online!?It’s still a work in progress, but it’s coming along. Unfortunately I’d say 100% of my readers (all 10 of you) will really have no interest in my nerd club whatsoever. That is because it is tailored to people who are dating or are married to pilots. Hey… I didn’t really have any other topics that I could think of. This will take?the time I waste on the?internet to a whole new level.?I don’t exactly know what I’m getting myself into here… but hey- it can be a hobby of sorts. I even bought a domain name. Now I just have to find people who actually want to join!

I’ll let you all know when it’s up and running. I don’t know why I’ll let you know since none of you have any interest unless you date a pilot. But still… I’ll let you know. Just because.

Ok you can all start making fun of me now.

7 thoughts on “A New Project”

  1. This comment is totally unrelated to your girlfriends of pilots project…
    This is so crazy, I just went on allrecipes and clicked on a featured “new photo” and it was yours!!! How insane. I was like– hmmm, how many Elsja’s could there possibly be… then I saw the part about moving to Sydney and was cracking up– of all the photos on allrecipes– I click on yours– nice white cakes girlfriend.

  2. THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! I’m really a featured new photo? I’ve always wanted to be a featured photo!! Ooo I just checked. There is is. FUnny that it is “newest photos” and I submitted that in February! Yay. Now if I could only get them to approve my 3 recipe submissions!

  3. You can make a facebook group or find facebook groups related to your new forum and post the link on there.. That’s actually how I found YDU

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