Well even though the weather was pretty shit until 3 or so every day, I still had a nice weekend.

Friday was real fun. I went to Magic Castle with my sister, Cathy, Ryan, Chantelle and Danny.


We all went up for Chantelle’s birthday and I really was impressed. Dinner was really nice and some of the magicians were pretty impressive. I must say, part of the excitment was getting to be the magician’s assistant for the main show. I was a “Barker’s beauty” (which means i modeled a toaster… long story). It was fun and i think the 3 glasses of wine made it even more fun. Oh and we saw this guy too: http://imdb.com/name/nm0884313/ Chantelle kept saying she saw the guy from “Crossing Jordan” and I had no idea who she was talking about… but once I saw him, I knew EXACTLY who she was talking about.

The night ended rather abruptly with bad news so we took off before the last show. Overall though, it was a really nice night.

Saturday I became an official honorary “soccer mom” or rather “baseball aunt” when I painted my car windows with ” PADRES ARE #1!!! and GO PRESTON!!”

Preston had his first baseball playoff game and his team won. I never knew kid sports could be so entertaining to watch…but it really got exciting! 🙂

IMG_0166 (Small).JPGIMG_0158 (Small).JPG














And lastly, to top it all off, a baby shower for our dear friend Deanna. I still find it hard to believe that our friends are getting married, let alone having babies!!! But they are! And I’m sure Deanna and Mike’s little girl will be precious.

 IMG_0175 (Small).JPGIMG_0173 (Small).JPG










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