So I get to check another item off my 101 list… FINALLY. Friday Andrew and I walked across the Harbour Bridge (#37)! The whole walk, from where we parked the car…across the bridge… back across and back to the car took an hour exactly. Not too bad. There were some great views, but it was pretty crowded with Pilgrims! Pilgrims? Not the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria type pilgrims- more like the Muslims flocking to Mecca to worship type pilgrims. In this case it’s Catholics flocking to Sydney to worship Jesus. Evidently when the Pope comes to town, it’s a pretty big deal. Have people in the US even heard anything about the World Youth Day Week madness that has taken over the city here? I’ve tried to refrain from blogging about this but the red and orange backpacks are taking over the world. I found it interesting to see parades of people from different countries walking around waving their country flags. I’ve never seen so many foreign tourists?in one place since the last time I went to Disneyland.

Another first for me occurred on Friday night. I played Guitar Hero FINALLY! After a few glasses of wine, staring at the screen of moving colored notes made me quite dizzy and nauseous so I could only play a few rounds. I’m not very good. But at least I didn’t get booed off stage each time (only once).

Last night we went to a charity trivia night… seriously- why don’t they have these in the US? They are so fun! Although you’ve never felt so dumb in your life until you play trivia in a foreign country and have NO idea who or what the questions are even referring to. It wasn’t all bad though, I did know a few things that no one else knew!… I knew what D.C. stands for in Washington D.C. and I knew the century that the declaration of Independence was signed. I did my country proud. I also knew the answer to one of the questions about an Aussie singer that?no one else knew. Too bad they all thought I was wrong and I was outvoted. Well they should have listened to me because I was RIGHT! I found a flaw in one of the questions though… they?played the song?”Heaven is?a Place on Earth” and they said it was the Bangles… ummm that song is SOOO not the Bangles. DUH. That was a bit annoying.

Trivia is great. And speaking of trivia… can any of you unscramble the following?COLOR (yet another question that i figured out because I’m a genius…I had no help- so neither should you… don’t cheat and type anything into google you?slackers).


Can you figure it out?

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