So my geeky forum is still a work in progress… BUT… it’s up and running! Woohoo. I still have a lot to learn and things to modify but I figure I may as well put it out there so people can start checking it out!

Like I said before, 99.999% of you will have no interest in this forum whatsoever- BUT, if any of you happen to stumble upon this blog (or even read it regularly) and?know someone who is dating or married to a pilot, please please please pass along the following link.

The girl who runs the ex-pat forum I’m a member of said it took her forum years to really take off, so I have to be patient. At least it can be a hobby and something to keep me busy (not that I really need to spend any more time on the internet). Yay nerdy Elsja!

3 thoughts on “A Work in Progress”

  1. i really thought this was going to be a site about the honda pilot =p

    if you want a site to become popular you need to do more than just sit and wait and hope people come to your site. you need search engine optimization so people searching for related info find your site. check out aaron wall’s “seobook,”

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