For another session of things I love/don’t love

1. I love my cool new see through blue citibank ATM card. Yes, I’m serious… I really am happy that it looks so pretty.

2. I don’t love that I have 2 bank accounts. I like to be organized so I can’t wait to just make the big transfer so that everything can all be in one account and I wont get confused where my money is.

3. I don’t love that in a little over a week, almost everything I own will be taken from my house and put on a boat. I’m a little scared and sad to part with everything. I hope the boat doesnt go through any hurricanes on the way to Sydney. And… I don’t love that I’ll basically live out of a suitcase for TWO MONTHS!

4. However; I love that my room will finally be clean once everything is gone. For the last 2 weeks I’ve just been piling crap everywhere in 2 rooms of my house. No sense in putting it away because I’ll have to just drag it all out again next Saturday.

5. I love the delicious Trader Joes pasta my sister made for dinner. Takes 6 minutes to make and its soooo delish!

6. I love that we hired someone at my work to help us out! He doesn’t start for 2 weeks but he hopefully will be a BIG help.

7. I love eating salad from Panera EVERY day.

8. I love that I got an email today informing me that Muse will be playing in Sydney in November!! I’m TOTALLY dragging Andrew even though he hates them. Such perfect timing for the Australia leg of their tour. And sydney is the 4th show in australia so they should be over their jet lag by then so they will perform well! Yes, I thought this all out!

9. I don’t love figuring out health insurance issues for when I move. It really really is a pain in the ass!

10. Lastly, I love Andrew and I can’t believe that it will be almost 6 months by the time we finally see each other again.

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