I’ll give you a little background info on shopping in Sydney before I explain my day yesterday. In the city there are 3 main shopping areas, QVB (Queen Victoria Building- seen in the picture here that I took around New Years), Pitt Street Mall, and the Cetrepoint Tower Shopping Center. They are basically all connected by underground walkways and above ground bridges etc… Now, Jen can back me up to expain just how big QVB is all by itself, but add the other two areas and we’re talking major shopping confusion. Pitt Street Mall isn’t actually a mall even, it is similar to 3rd StreetAustralia-Fiji Jan 2006 441 (Small).jpg promenade, one long shopping street with stores on each side, but the interesting thing is- you can go into the stores and behind those stores are more stores and behind those are more stores. Its like a maze! This shopping area is HUGE and neverending. Literally, NEVER ENDING!

So yesterday I decide to go buy a few things. I take the bus down to the area where all the shops are and I begin my quest. I’m on the lookout for Supre (the store that has all those belts you girls want). I remember from last time that it isn’t in the QVB and its kind of off by itself, so I start walking. Here is a little tale of my journey, told in the first person.

“Ok I remember Supre was off this way, so here I go” (walking, walking). “Oh there’s Pitt street mall, let me walk down here and just look around. Oh that store looks cute on the right, I’ll check it out. Hmmm theres more back here behind this shop, Should I keep walking on Pitt street or go back here? Hmmm…. I’ll go back here.” (walking, walking). “Oh look you can go up, AND down! Crap, which way do I go? I’ll try up.” (walking). “Oh.. that store is cute on the left, I’ll check it out. Oh wow… this store is 3 levels, Ill check out the bottom level…. hmmm have’nt seen these shops before… look there are more over there on the left” (walking)… “oh look theres another level. CRAP I’m going to get lost.”

I’ll modify the next part for you-

Walking left…. turn right…. go up… go in a shop…go over walkway… “oh, now I’m in Centrepoint shopping- how did I get here?” hmmm…go up again…. go left….. go down…. go in a shop… go straight… find a department store and think “oooo I need running shoes since I forgot mine”… go to 4th floor of 8 floor department store… buy shoes… go back down to floor G… exit in a different place than I came in… go across walkway… go left… go in a shop… go right…. go straight…. go in a shop… come out another shop…. walk left…. walk underground…


IN CHINA!!! How the hell did I get to China?? Well duh! That’s what this whole secret shopping disguise is! It’s a secret maze route to china… and I found the way!! It’s funny though… all I had to do was turn left again and I was back in Sydney- and there it was… SUPRE! But… sorry to say ladies- no fun trends this time. Pretty much the same crap they had in March. I’ll keep looking though, but this time I may sprinkle bread crumbs along my shopping quest so I can easily find my way back.


Oh and I won’t even get into the food court! That was a journey all on its own!!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Shopping”

  1. I can totally imagine the madness. That mall we went to is way to confusing. I don’t think I would have even found my way home if it weren’t for you. Fortunately, you’re good with directions so I’m sure you made it just fine.

  2. I really need you to find some new trends. I am about to board my flight to San Francisco and there is this cute guy waiting. Unfortunately I think he may be gay. 🙁 Hopefully he will be sitting next to me. 🙂

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