Africa Week- A Night out in Cape Town

Of course there had to be at least one big night out mentioned in my week of holiday blogging right? Surprisingly in 3 weeks, we really only did have ONE  big night out- but that’s a good thing considering all the fantastic things we needed to have energy for. The night started off with an awesome sunset on the rocks of Camps Bay. We took a few blankets and drinks down and enjoyed the start of our evening with good company and conversation.

Andrew, Stu, Kimbo and  I then headed to a bar/club down by the beach with a few of Kimbo’s work friends. The line for drinks was horrendous and it took us nearly 40 minutes to get served. As retaliation, Andrew walked up to the manager of the bar and said “I own a club in Sydney and I’ve been told this is THE place to be in Cape Town and I’m just not seeing it. I heard we could get table service with great vodka and we haven’t seen any of that.” The manager apologized profusely and sent over a bottle of vodka to our table with a big bucket ice filled with cans of a redbull type drink. To top it off, he sent us 2 pizzas. We were loving life! We couldn’t believe Andrew’s smooth talking was able to get us an entire bottle of vodka, mixers and some pizzas for free. At first we were expecting some sort of bill- but it never came. Both groups next to us got their bills but after over an hour, they never asked us for money. Life was grand!


But then… Andrew got greedy… or cocky- which ever you prefer. He made the mistake of asking for another bottle. We still had about 60% left in the first one but he just HAD to ask for another. Well that did it! When the waitress brought over the 2nd bottle, she also brought a bill- for BOTH bottles. We could have easily gotten away with getting the entire first lot for free but soooomeone had to spoil all the fun. That’s ok- at least Andrew smooth talked his way into a big discount.

The bill was sort of a buzzkill for me. We were all so excited that we were getting all this stuff for free and when that all changed I guess I lost my thirst. I moved onto water (which allowed me to feel great the next day) but the boys didn’t. They kept drinking the night away which naturally lead to this scene at the end of the night:


Just another fun night out with some great friends! To Stu and Kimbo- I really can’t wait for you guys to be back in Sydney!!!

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