Africa Week- Climbing Mountains, Part 2

Two days later the group decided they wanted to hike up Table Mountain. I had NO desire to climb up THAT mountain. Lion’s Head was enough for me so I said I would take the cable car up to to the top to meet them. Kimbo really tried to talk me into it but after Lion’s Head I knew I would probably die if I tried hiking Table Mountain (3,563 feet), especially in the heat. Luckily she decided at the last minute that she’d come with me with me so us girls rode up the steep cable car while the boys hiked in the sun.

By the time we waited in line for the cable car and the boys hiked up, we actually all reached the top at the same time (it took 53 minutes to be exact). Once we were all together again, we took a little stroll to another side of the mountain to enjoy the view.

Maybe Lion’s head isn’t so big after all when you look at it from up here…

Next up… SHARKS! And later, even more climbing. Stay tuned! 🙂

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