Africa Week- Life and Death of a Kudu

Here is a sweet little kudu drinking from the watering hole by our lodge. She’s just living her life, going about her day. She’s probably cautious of her surroundings to ensure that a lion won’t jump out of the bushes and attack her. Sweet, innocent little kudu.

Here is another kudu, more specifically-  his leg, dead and braised and slathered in sauce and sitting on Mitchell’s plate.

Here Mr. kudu is entering Mitchell’s belly.

The kudu is famous! EVERYONE wants a neanderthal photo op with the poor butchered animal.

What did I think about the most ginormous leg of meat EVER? Well, take a guess.



4 thoughts on “Africa Week- Life and Death of a Kudu”

  1. Elsja, love your expression on the pic of Andrew. It’s a mix of fun and concern with a dash of ‘Am I really marrying this guy?’

  2. FUNNY blog. typical Elsja. ha ha ha.
    Andrew is the usual ham. ha ha
    Looks like a hunk of meat!!!! Did everyone share it or was it solely your friends meal???

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