AIM?? I just don’t get it!

Last night (during our regular MSN chatting), Andrew and I typed back and forth as we had the webcam going and an exciting game of checkers (I lost… but not by much!). All of this took place in one instant message. My favorite discovery of the night (even though I’ve used MSN messenger for YEARS) was the file sharing. While we chatted and played checkers, I dropped the new Muse CD in our file sharing folder (still all in one instant message screen) and he just picked up those files a few minutes later and put them straight into his itunes.

Later in the night we decided to plug in our earphones and we had a free “phone call” for about 1.5 hours (yeah, I know, why didn’t we do this months ago???) I guess my excitment about Rebtel (see 2 posts below) is not quite AS strong now!

I just don’t understand why people still primarily use AIM. It’s so boring and mediocre compared to handy dandy MSN messenger.

7 thoughts on “AIM?? I just don’t get it!”

  1. I Chat Shmy Chat… you people and your macs.(and this isnt just directed at you kris!!) šŸ™‚ You think you are all better than us PCers these days. Even all your commercials with japanese girls pretending to be digital cameras. šŸ˜›

  2. Thank you for ILLEGALLY sharing music via the internet. I didn’t like my job anyways. If there was a way to bootleg counseling or whatever it is you do, I would do it just to spite you. Can you guys really not afford the $10 to buy the damn cd’s?

  3. Helllloooo??? the cds arent even out yet, so if we want it now, we gotta do it that way. But, i have every intention on buying the cds when they come out (actually maybe dashboard is out now- just not muse) anyways… believe it or not, i do like to support my fave artists, so yes- ill buy the cds… but shit, i had to hear a sneak peak first šŸ™‚

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