Did anyone see last night’s episode of Masterchef? The one where they cooked for Qantas?

I just have to say… are those judges kidding with their criticism? Alan Joyce actually said something to the effect of “the prawns are not bad but they definitely are not Qantas.” Really? Have you tasted your food? While business class meals definitely are much tastier than economy, I still wouldn’t say they are anything phenomenal. I can probably count about 2-3 meals that I’ve really enjoyed enough to remember them but for the most part, airplane food is airplane food. No one expects it to be gourmet; I think even business class passengers don’t expect anything overly exquisite.

I did like that the judges were served their meals on black plastic trays by the blue team and had to use those horrible wide handled Qantas spoons to eat their food. Classy.

All in all, I’m pretty sure that the episode was a fancy way for Qantas to promote the A380. Well, I say do whatever you need to do to increase sales Qantas because Andrew would like to be flying one of those giant airplanes soon!

And Masterchef… keep the wonderful episodes coming. I love you and I love that you are on 6 nights each week.

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