I’m back! I know I seriously suck at blogging when I go home to CA to visit. Now that I’m back in Sydney, I should be posting more. Although don’t expect any photos- wordpress decided to just take a dump and stop letting me upload anything. I hope to have that fixed eventually.


I made it home on Saturday morning after an uneventful trip across the pacific. While I was in the airport waiting to board, I did have a few thoughts and I’m sort of wondering if I am the only weird person that thinks of this stuff or if there are others out there just as paranoid, nosy and anal as me.

Am I the only one that gets a teeny bit nervous when they test my bag for bomb/drug particles? Ok so it makes no sense because I obviously am never carrying bombs or drugs, but whenever I get the extra screening through security I’m always a little concerned that the alarm on the machine is going to go off. Maybe I’ve watched too much Boarder Patrol or Banged up Abroad, but I always think to myself “what if I touched a dollar bill that had some bomb material on it and then I touched my bag, blah blah blah.” I’m a freak, I know, I know- but it’s always a big relief when the little “passed” sign comes up on the screen.

Does anyone stare at people at the gate and wonder who they are and why they are getting on that plane? I saw this group of maybe 12 African American guys at the gate when I was getting ready to board. Anyone who has been to Australia knows that it is pretty strange to see any groups of black people at all in this country. Don’t believe me ? Read this blog.? One looked sort of like Don Cheadle, all cool with his gold jewelry and glasses on his head (indoors at 10:00pm) but the rest looked like big nerds. Obviously they were traveling as a group but what kind of group? They were too poorly dressed to be a sports team or music group. Church group maybe? I sat and wondered and I still wonder. Am I the only one who wonders?

Does anyone else have a detailed plan and schedule of events every time they get on the plane? I always have my big backpack that is too big to go under a seat so I bring a smaller cloth bag inside the backpack. The first thing I do when I get to my seat is take out all the things I might need on my flight (or things I don’t want to get stolen)- my ipod, a pen, sleeping pills, my wallet and passport, chapstick, water, socks, an eye mask, etc. I add these items to the cloth bag and put it under the seat. Next I take out my travel blanket…yes, I carry a travel blanket. Finally I put my big bag in the overhead, sit down, buckle up and check out the entertainment guide. That is how it goes on EVERY flight. Does that make me anal? Perhaps, but maybe I’m  just an expert traveler?

So who else is with me? Who else is as anal, nosy and paranoid as I am??

3 thoughts on “Airport Adventures”

  1. Ummmmm so yes, yes, and yes! A) I get nervous at the drug/bomb test and I’ve never even smoked pot in my life, but I always think that residue of stuff could some how end up on my luggage. B) I wonder what other people are going to Australia for- my flights seem to always have the hard core Orthodox(?) Jewish people on them with the ladies in the old school clothes and the guys with the cap and ringlets and I wonder where in Aus they are going and what for. C) I, too, have the too big backpack so I have my see-through bag full of ipod headphones, tissues, toothpaste, chapstick, sleeping pills, MnMs, face spray, lotion, face mask, socks, water, etc, etc. And I bring a blanket on board, too. I’ve heard gross stories about the airline ones and would rather people make fun of the 25 year old with the penguin blanket then use one of the ones provided. You’re not alone in your anal, nosy, or paranoidness-I’m right there with ya! Glad you had a safe trip back.

  2. Hey there! I do EXACTLY the same thing as you when I get on board! And I always check out people and wonder where they are going and try to figure out their “story.”
    Question for you: I consider myself a pretty professional traveler, as I’m sure you do too flying back and forth so much…does it irritate the crap out of you when there are inexperienced travelers all around you?? I think there should be a seperate space for them! I’m mean, whatever. :0)
    Have a great Christmas

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