So finally at the ever-so-young age of 27, I have moved into my very first apartment. Ok you can all laugh. I know plenty of people do this?8-9 years before I made my?first move- but I was just waiting for the right time 🙂

Andrew and I moved in to our apartment in Mosman on Sunday. We’re about 15 minutes outside of the downtown area of Sydney. So in the spirit of moving out, I’ve?created a “love/ (don’t) love”?list, Apartment Edition.

?It’s a long one- but it will give you all an idea about where we are living and all the fun things we are doing?:)


I love not having roommates (other than Andrew of course).

I love our little balcony. It may be small, but when it is sunny I look forward to sitting out there and eating dinner with my love…(when we buy patio furniture). Oh yeah- p.s.- for all of you who keep saying “must be nice, it’s almost summer there”- it has been raining since Friday. That’s 6 days straight!!! But God was good to us and the only time the sun came out for more than an hour was the day we moved. Luckily we didn’t have to move in the rain!

I (don’t) love the fact that we are on the 2nd floor and the lady below us already came and told us that the eliptical machine we got makes a lot of noise. She was nice, but I need my exercise and the free eliptical we got from Andrew’s dad REALLY would save me tons of money in gym fees.

I (don’t) love the stupid light on the apartment pathway that just happens to be outside our window that shines in like the sun at 3:00am (and every other hour of the night).

I love our new super comfy (and giant) couch.

I love our new vacuum we bought yesterday that sucked all the nasty dirt and possible pet hair from the corners of the carpet. Evidently the professional steam cleaner they hired before we moved in didn’t actually vacuum anything after he “cleaned” the carpets.

I (don’t love) that there is NO storage space inside the apartment, causing us to have to store towels and toilet paper in the kitchen.

which is why:

I love our spacious kitchen with tons of cabinet space.

I (don’t) love the moth problem in this place. I keep killing them and they keep appearing again and again.

I love that we have a washer and dryer in this place- and that the repair man who came today was finally able to get the washer to run with HOT water. Maybe now the towels will actually stop smelling like mildew even after we clean them (yeah – I DON’T love that!!)

I (don’t) love that every time we?turn on the?hot water- this box under the sink?goes “CLUNK CLUNK” – (imagine?how it is for me at?4:30am when Andrew gets up for work and needs to fill up the sink with?warm water to shave… and then a few minutes later he turns on his hot shower). CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK. So annoying.

I (don’t) love that we don’t have a TV

which is why:

I WILL REALLY LOVE when all my stuff gets here… although I do worry that I will have so much stuff and not enough room to fit it all.

AND… I REALLY love that Andrew’s dad gets us any TV shows we want and puts them on our computers. I just watched the first 2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m tempted to watch the next two but I need to space it out. It’s like a goldmine because otherwise I’d have to wait a million more years for the season to start here.

I (don’t) love that the 2nd bedroom is so tiny that it will pretty much fit a twin bed and a small desk- that’s it. I dont even know how we’ll have room to pull out the trundle… but I guess I’ll figure that out when my stuff gets here. I’m just happy we even have a 2nd bedroom at all!!

Ok that’s enough!

Oh- this has nothing to do with the apartment, but… I also LOVE the canned raspberries Andrew discovered at the store. They are FABULOUS on lemon sorbet and would be wonderful in lemonade or some kind of fancy cocktails! (I couldn’t have a love/ (don’t) love list that didn’t at least include ONE food item now could I)??

And lastly, I’d like to point out that?last night- Andrew said “we’re doing mum and dad things… buying a couch, buying a vacuum…” it was cute, and oh so true. Dang- the day you buy a vacuum- and actually CARE immensly about the quality of suction is the day you have really grown up 🙂

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  1. think of how much annoying roommate stories that you have avoided by waiting until you moved in with someone you love. And waiting until you were more mature. I look back and think how young, in many ways, I was at 18 when I moved out. Then again I felt old when I got married, at 23.
    Your comment on my blog made me laugh. And you’re right, she certainly looks tiny in that big, long bed.
    Love you

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