American Food Makes me Happy

Almost exactly one year ago, I was looking forward to going home to visit family and friends and I was also looking forward to trying this place out –The Counter. I even wrote about my excitement in this post. So we did go once while I was there… and it was good.
I wouldn’t say it was the best place I had ever been in my life, but definitely good and I loved the concept that you can pick whatever the heck you want to make your burgers. They even had sweet potato fries. YUM.

So imagine my excitement last night when my friend Val told me that The Counter opened up in Australia. And not only did it open up here… it’s located about 10 minutes away from me!

What a glorious day!

Not only did they open one close to me, they also have *almost* the same menu! Of course they did change some things to cater to the Aussie customers, but they have American cheese!!! I don’t even want American cheese on my burger- but it’s still cool that they have it!! Sad they don’t offer the pepperjack though šŸ™ Oh well, can’t win them all. But they DO serve the sweet potato fries (“chips”) and chicken burgers and turkey burgers and milkshakes!! and while it is a bit more expensive than in CA… it’s not TOTALLY ridiculous like a lot of restaurants here.

Who’s hungry?

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