So this is 3 blogs for the price of one. The last piece is by far the most interesting but we’ll get to that topic in a few moments (warning, graphic pictures ahead)! But first- an update on my 101 in 1001 list.

The following items have now been accomplished:

#4. Get a massage with Andrew. On the 17th, my back was killing and Andrew’s shoulder was hurting… so we said screw it- let’s go get massages. I think his guy was a lot better than my girl. It was the full on Chinese massage in a little hole in the wall shop. It was pretty good- but nothing fantastic if you ask me… so we’ll probably try somewhere cheaper and closer next time we go. It was a nice thing to do together though 🙂

#73. Buy new pillows for the bed. Thank GOD this one is completed. I finally got rid of the nasty poor excuses for pillows that we brought from Andrew’s old place. In addition to tossing out the orange stained pillows (yeah, gross right?), I also washed the curtains in the spare room to try to get rid of some of the dust, mold and pet hair (and God knows what else) that were on those dirty things. Hopefully there will be less sneezing for our guests (and myself) from now on.

Now onto the #1 topic for the day… Animal instincts.

Yesterday, Andrew and I decided to go to the zoo. It was the first day we BOTH had off in a long time. Not only could we use our discount coupon, but it would also fulfill my “go on one date with andrew each month” task on my 101 list. Woohoo.

So our favorite animals by far were the monkeys. The chimps and gorillas were SO amazing. They just were loving and cuddling each other and one mama gorilla held her baby up to this window in her little cave for everyone to see. It was like she wanted to show the baby off. They are just SO much like humans, it’s creepy. We stayed and watched them for so long. The chimps were hilarious. There were some just relaxing in the sun, sprawled out on their backs with their forearms covering their eyes… just like what I like to do at the beach 🙂 Another small chimp came swinging from the trees, went over to the bigger looking chimp and gave it a hug. Really… it was so cute.

Here’s picture of a chimp mama cuddling her baby:

Image Hosted by
Then there were the cool zebras, lions, birds, koalas and kangaroos…

But the most fascinating of all was the rape of a poor innocent elephant. By rape, I mean just that…non-consensual sex! This female elephant wanted NOTHING to do with the male. She kept trying to get away from him, she would swat him with her trunk and nudge him away… but he wouldn’t give up. He followed her from the top of a hill to the bottom, where we were able to capture evidence of this horrible crime. GRAPHIC evidence. The male elephant got what he wanted. All 5 seconds of what he wanted.

My favorite quote was the mum next to us who said (amongst 4 giggling girls) “I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do in the car.”

Doesnt the female just look SO sad while the male is up there smiling in all his glory?? Oh and take a closer look…closer….closer.

Yes… that IS what you think it is! Luckily you guys don’t have to witness the “aftermath” of this event like we did!


If anyone is interested… the rest of the pictures are here (and they are less graphic- except for a few other mild elephant porn shots). When you go to the link, just click “view slideshow.”

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