Ok I know I still have 2 1/2 more weekends left but it’s kinda sad that another has come and passed. At least it was a good one though right? Here’s a quick rundown of the weekend’s events.


Andrew took me to Wagamama’s down in the Darling Harbor area. This used to be my favorite restaurant in Sydney (the first time we came here it was the only restaurants we found that we actually liked)… but now, I’d just say it’s a good one since I’ve been introduced to some even better ones. Still it was De-Lish! It’s right on the water so it has a nice little view too. After dinner we stopped by The Loft to say hi to a few of Drew’s friends- we only stayed about 10 minutes though. It’s a little bar down the street from Wagamamas and it is SOOOO cool inside! 

The reason we only stayed a short time is because we were on our way to the Nova 96.9 studios!! Nova is a radio station that Andrew’s bro Paul (a.k.a. Fridgy) works at. He is one of the DJs… They are probably comparable to a mix between KIIS and KROQ. Check out their Myspace page. Anyways- Paul gave us a little tour of the station and it was really nice! We even got to sit in the booth while Fridgy, Matty and Mel were on air for awhile. Evidentely, Thursday night they talked about Andrew and me on air because they were discussing meeting people online. Kinda cool to know we got talked about on the radio 🙂

Sydney Week 2 055 (Small).jpgSydney Week 2 052 (Small).jpg













Afterwards we stopped by some friends of Andrew (Kim, Stu, Bec and Oli) and just hung out and talked for awhile. Finally it got late and we took off! It was an eventful night and lots of fun!


Saturday was a lazy day. We went to get a “Mona Burger” from this chicken place about 30 minutes away with Paul and Veronica and then we came home and Andrew and I just kinda lounged around watching TV. We tried to go on a walk but we just kinda walked down the street and ended up at Blockbuster. We were there for about 20 minutes and decided there was nothing we were interested in so we just walked home. We ended up just ordering a pizza, drinking some wine and watching Wimbeldon on Showtime.


Sunday Funday. We woke up lazy again but today we actually got up and got out of the house this time. We went down to Manly (the little beach town where we actually met for the 1st time) and had lunch. There was a little street market going on but it was pretty small and didn’t have anything I was too interested in. The beach was pretty crowded despite the chilly weather.Sydney Week 2 065 (Small).jpg

Later in the day we walked to the grocery store to buy food for dinner. I made some Thai-ish chicken and rice and Andrew walked to a Japanese restaurant to get some take-out edemame. It was the worst idea ever. I mean, refer to my last post when I stated that I miss the cheap stuff in the U.S.- The edemame he got was $5.00 and look at the size of it. It was the biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen. This picture doesnt even do it justice… really!

The little take-out container wasn’t even full!! Oh… but we could have had it completely filled though- if we wanted to pay $9.00!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That little bit of soybean goodness would have cost like $2 at home max!!

Anyways- we didn’t let it get us down… for long. We made some yummy sauce to dip the entire 10 beans in… (you can see it in the pic on the left… mmmmm). We ate our dinner and watched some depressing movie about a girl who was dying but didn’t tell any of her family (and then we watched some better stuff)… we just talked for a bit and went to bed. It was a really nice night.


Ok- did I seriously manage to make another blog almost entirely dedicated to food? Well I guess I’ll include a few other bits of info:

1. My assessment on my psychology qualifications STILL hasn’t come. I’m getting very annoyed.

2. Andrew got side-swiped on the road this morning. The guy evidentely had some road rage and did it on purpose. Didn’t even stop! Luckily Andrew is ok but now he has to make a police report and deal with insurance and all that crap! Pain in the ass but it could be worse.

3. It’s my birthday in less than 2 weeks. I will be old. I will be older than Andrew even and that makes me feel REALLY old.

4. hmmm I can’t think of another so I guess I’ll just write more later when I think of something! 🙂 I’m off to upload pictures from the week! Oh- and I didn’t spell check this… so I’m sure my own personal spell-check Andrew will be emailing me soon to tell me about all my spelling errors!!


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