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I’m applying for Australian temporary residency today! Woohoo. Temporary residency means I can stay here for 2 years, work and get medicare. Then after 2 years is up, they reassess my case, make sure Andrew and I are still in a relationship and then hopefully I’ll be here legally for good. I’ve spent the last 3 months preparing for this appointment. Scanning documents, printing documents, filling out a million forms, getting fingerprinted, getting medicals and x-rays. getting things certified. Now it all comes down to this day… oh, and to $2000 bucks… ugh! So expensive.

I really hope I didn’t forget anything… but looking at this stack of paperwork that I have to bring- I’m sure I didnt!! Wish us luck ๐Ÿ™‚



My visa was granted!! Right there… on the spot… sticker in passport… GRANTED! She didn’t even want to look at half the stuff in that stack of paper up there… but hey, it said they required it so better safe than sorry right? She said it was good I already did my medical and got FBI clearance because that’s usually what holds things up. She asked us a few questions, asked for a few pieces of information and documents and then told us to give her 30 minutes to review our statements and photos.

30 minutes later she told us that we should break out the champagne because it was granted, right then and there! Now I am legally here for at least 2 years, at that time they will reassess to make sure Andrew and I are still in a relationship and then I will be granted permanent residency. Happy happy day!

AND… I get to cross one more thing off my list-

#90 Become a resident in Australia (get a visa)

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  1. hey, elsja!

    we had to do the same thing for gabriel, as i mentioned to you before.

    i was so over prepared- like you- we went to costco, got hundreds of photos printed, had this whole big photo album with hundreds of photos with comments, had an entire backpack of extra papers, forms, certificates, and it was a very personal interview, BUT… it was insanely different than what i imagined. when they say to bring all of these copies of the originals to the interview, you’d think that that is expected to be reviewed; nope, not at all!

    anyway, like you we were prepared. congrats to you!!!

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