There’s that old saying “April showers bring May flowers, blah blah.” Well… in Australia, April showers don’t bring flowers. Because May comes right before the start of winter and everyone knows the prettiest flowers typically come in Spring and Summer.


So if April Showers don’t bring May flowers in Australia, what DO they bring?

They bring Amanda and Stephen!!! 🙂

I’m so very happy that my friend Amanda decided to come on a spur of the moment trip to Australia with her boyfriend whom I’m very excited to meet for the very first time! And they’re coming in less than a month!

I like to send my friends and family back home nice little emails from time to time pointing out how totally cheap it is to fly to Australia at the moment. Unfortunately, most people just say “wow that’s a great deal” and then move on with their life. Oh well, I know “VERY CHEAP” is still not cheap enough for everyone. Understandable. Except for good ol’ Amanda. She actually did realize that this IS a great time to come and she did something about it!! Way to take initiative!! She sent me her itinerary today and she’ll be here from May 3rd through May 10th. It is a short trip, but it’s SO much better than no trip at all.

Now I have more itineraries to plan, and conveniently since my parents were just here I have lots of ideas!

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