Aussie Mosquitos and Early Mornings

mosquito.jpgMosquitos at home are bad enough. You get a bite, it itches for awhile, then it kinda goes away… then it only itches again if you hit it or accidently rub it, etc. Well, I kinda forgot (until this week) that the Aussie mosquitos (oh boo hoo – from andrew) are much more evil than American mosquitos (kinda like the evil Australian birds). When I came here in January, I was attacked, LITERALLY by mosquitos and other itchy bugs and at one point in the trip we counted at least 20 bites all across my body. Well, now… I only have about 3 on my right foot, but they are miserable. See, the bites here don’t stop itching… EVER! You get a bite, and it itches. Itches more and more and more, constantly! They just KEEP ITCHING! These 3 tiny bites on my foot (that I can barely see, but I surely can feel) are bringing me misery. I have been woken up all night for the last 2 nights and today on my walk I thought I was going to pass out because they itched so badly. Anyways… if you ever come to Australia- bring the bug spray because you will regret it if you dont.

Sydney Week 3 029 (Small).jpgAnd I’d also like to say how happy I still am here and how wonderful my boyfriend is. He’s the best ever. He thinks I whine too much on my blog but look at this… its a really nice comment about how happy I am! See I say good, nice, happy things too! In fact, he’s so nice that he puts up with me tossing and turning and waking up 3 times every night to go to the bathroom (and even more tossing and turning the last few days because of my itchy foot 🙂 And he’s really nice to me when I get grumpy in the morning. He wakes me up at 7 or 8am on Saturdays and I get very angry because it’s too early. I really am not very nice at all, but he still loves me. The way he deals with this is by changing the clock on monday morning to make me think it is 9:30am when I wake up. I think… “wow, I slept in late today” Then an hour later I go to the kitchen and look at the clock- 9:30. I woke up at 8:30 and didnt even know it. If I would have known, I would have been very grumpy, but since I thought it was later, I was fine! Amazing right? Pretty sneaky way to avoid my early morning wrath. Smart move babe! See how happy I am when he tries to take pictures of me at 5:30 in the morning?!? Yep… definitely not a morning person!

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  1. a piece of medical information… you only itch from a mosquito bite if you are allergic to them. this is why some folks NEVER get them.

    after living in the US all your life you’ve developed an immunity to some bites (which is why they only itch a bit). when a new type of mosquito comes around, your body isn’t used to it. this will develop into a more intense itch.

    i only know this because i was eaten alive in st. martin last winter. and it SUCKED.

    keep fighting the good fight!

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