Australia Post Sucks- part 2

If you don’t already know my hatred for the slumbag contractors that work for the Australian Post… read here. Here is my update to that post.

Andrew and I are not the type of people that sit back and complain about the Post time and time again without acting on our anger. We like to call and complain and we do it a lot! Well really why wouldn’t we when the postal worker gives us sooooo many things to complain about?

Today I called and made I believe our 5th or 6th official complaint. I can’t be certain of the number for sure because I only started documenting them 4 complaints ago.

You see, our dick of a delivery man doesn’t like to deliver our packages. He likes to put a little blue card in our mail box and simply says we weren’t home. Well we all know that I work from home so this is just not possible. I am ALWAYS home when he puts those cards in the box. Sometimes he claims we must not hear the buzzer. If you’ve been to our place, you know that is impossible. It is LOUD. So this non-delivery problem used to happen ALL the time. Big packages, small… it didn’t matter. The douchebag just never bothered to do his job.

Back in December we had a bit of a breakthrough. We finally thought we complained enough to have some positive turnaround. We spoke to a customer service manager who stated that from now on if the driver attempted a delivery and we weren’t home, the driver was supposed to call this manager and let him know. The manager would then call me to confirm that I was not home. Well after this new protocol was set in place, everything changed. Any time a package came, there was a long and loud BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ(remember… this guy is a DICK), at our door.

Well last week that all changed when another little blue card magically appeared in the box. We knew this was for three cases of wine and of course the fat slob doesn’t want to deliver 3 cases of wine. That means he’d actually have to carry the weight up two flights of stairs.

So we immediately called the previous customer service manager to report the problem. Unfortunately, his line that is written on the letter we received is no longer in service. So we resorted to the old methods of filing a regular complaint. Well after one week with no word, Andrew called again yesterday. The guy he spoke to assured us the packages would be re-delivered today.

So today there was a BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ at about 9:45 am. It’s the delivery prick asking if I’d be home in an hour for him to deliver my packages. Was he hoping I’d say no? Was he hoping he’d get out of doing his job again? Unfortunately for him I said yes and then he stated, ok make it an hour an a half. Over TWO hours later he finally comes back.

When he huffs and puffs up with all the boxes he says to me “You weren’t home when I tried to deliver before.”



Oh I did not handle that comment well. I told him I was home, as I ALWAYS am when he doesn’t deliver our packages. He actually told me that he put a note on our file stating that if I don’t answer the buzzer the first time that he never has to redeliver a package again. I reminded him of the protocol that he was supposed to follow where he needed to call the manager if we weren’t home. He basically denied that was ever the case (even though I SWEAR it worked for awhile) and just kept shaking his head no and saying “nope.”

I “kindly” told him that everyone we know has this problem with them so it’s not just us.

His response? “No, no, it’s just you guys. You weren’t home,? I won’t redeliver again.”

I can’t tell you how fuming I was. I just yelled “whatever” to him as he huffed and puffed down the stairs. I really wanted to kick him in his face. Seriously… WHY couldn’t Andrew have been home when the jerk came? Andrew is a lot meaner than I am… I would have loved to see what he would say to that guy!

So today… the Australian Post received another nice little complaint from me. This time it was against the driver personally. I stated that he was rude and I don’t feel comfortable being alone in the house when he delivers the package because he’s always a jerk. I don’t need a response from them, I just want every little detail documented so that hopefully one day he will lose his job. I simply cannot understand how someone can NOT lose their job after THAT many complaints. I can tell you right now that if I was as lazy as him and if our customers had that many complaints about me- I would not still be employed. How is it possible that he still is entitled to earn an income?

I REALLY want to order another case of wine now so he can refuse to deliver it and I can call and complain again. It’s almost a source of entertainment now.

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  1. Oh, that sucks!! We have a really nice older guy who delivers all of our packages to us. We did have one problem while I was away-Steve ordered a build it yourself zip-up wardrobe and the guy came while he was at work and rather than it being stored at our post office a couple of blocks from our house, they stored it at Gosford which is about an hour’s drive away from us! His poor Mom had to do the drive since Steve works all week and I don’t think they were open on the Saturday.
    By the way, what is the protocol here since you are the mail expert- if you call can you request a second delivery attempt like you can in the States or is it just the one go and if you miss it you miss it?

  2. Well, basically if you miss it, you miss it. But that’s my problem- they don’t bother the first time, so we always have to request a re-delivery (which is not really standard). I think they just do it for us because we complain so much.

  3. To be fair to Australia Post (no I don’t work for them), the parcel delivery people are contractors, not direct employees. When their contract comes up for renewal they might wish to terminate that particular contractor. šŸ™‚

    1. Exactly Melanie. One of the people we talked to said they’ve had enough complaints that they won’t be renewing the contract (he made it sound like it was with an entire group of contractors, not just our individual guy). Either way… he needs to get the boot.

  4. With all the cases of wine, he must think you’re just an angry drunk! šŸ˜‰
    Seriously though, I have no problem believing every single details of your story. AusPost never delivered a package to my door, even though, I too, was always home. Worst, I would find the packages just sitting by our building’s front door. For a few months, we had friends doing a cycle tour so every night they would ship the stuff they had bought that day and none of these boxes made it past the building’s front door. That’s when I didn’t have to walk to the AusPost office to fetch them.
    Boo AusPost!

  5. Ugh I had the worst problems with the Aussie Post… I don’t even want to sit and write out every gripe needless to say that I have never been so infuriated. Messing with mail/packages repeatedly is not okay!

  6. im not sure but do you only complain about australia post or are you a compulsive winger ??? your plumber ,mechanic, shire roads parking rubbish pollititions. have a think about how much you complain you may just winge for the sake of it ?do you ever ring post to thank them for the mail that you still get with the INCORRECTaddress on it that your elderly relitive always gets wrong i sort mail and belive me i would have to return a 3rd of the mail if i did what we are ment to and return the incorect onesd ?

    1. Wow that is some AMAZING English Davey. If you actually read my post, you would realize I wasn’t whinging about the Aus post generally, I was bitching about the crappy contractors they use. I’m not even sure what your comment on plumbers, mechanics, etc. even has to do with this post. I’m not in the business of thanking every person that does their job correctly… that’s what they get paid for.

  7. Not 10 minutes ago my partner was on the phone complaining to Australia Post that for the last two months none of our packages have been delivered to the door, that we only receive postal notes to pick up packages half the time and keep receiving final notices for packages no one told us arrived in the first place! Even when I turn up to the post office they only get out the package I have the card for, even if I have another four waiting there, and they won’t give them to me till I get cards, which I never will!
    Just after he hung up, he went into our bedroom and saw from the window of our apartment as the contractor ran from his van, threw a postal card in our post box and drove off. Didn’t even bother to deliver our package to the door. What the hell is the point? Now we have to wait three hours until the package gets dropped off at the local post office before we can go and get it.
    You are right. Their contractors are lazy pieces of shit .

  8. How’s this, when you get a contract and find that it is not even close to what Aus Post said it was you still have to keep doing it! So your contractor is quite possibly doing anywhere from 2 to 15 hours a week for free ie no pay. On top of that he/she may also be missing out on being paid the appropriate running costs for the vehicle.

    So at the end of the day he doesn’t waste time running up two flights of stairs with your grog. I wonder how many hours you’d do for free, each day of the year? How much further would you drive after the k’s you where being paid for stopped?

    My guess is that he doesn’t loose his job because there’s no other sucker who’ll do it!

    Just a thought. On the other hand, he might just need a kick in the arse for being a sub human…

  9. I have had my own issues with certain Australia Post representatives. I am a former CPSU Delegate. However, I will be issuing a complaint regarding some of the issues that I have encountered on a website called Ripoff Report.

    After all, one of Australia Post’s representatives advised me earlier this week, “…you can sledge Australia Post…” Incidentally, I noted this comment in the next e-mail that I forwarded to the Customer Service area.

  10. I am a mail contractor and yes sometimes you will get lazy people doing the job , But also there are a lot of us that do our jobs to the best of our ability ie: mail with no number or miss spelled addresses , as was mentioned earlier . I personally don’t like complaints
    but still get them usually from someone that is expecting a particular item that has not turned up yet and the complaint is ” Why are you holding my mail?”
    or “The postman has done something with my mail!”
    ” I rang the place and they said they have sent it !!”
    only when it turns up its post marked 2 days after the complaint is made but sure blame the last person in the chain its easy .

    Also there are limitations on how far a person has to go to deliver , if your front door is more than 6 m from the fence line they might not have to deliver
    to the door , also there are weight limits and stairs
    are no fun when you have 300 parcels to deliver and you only get a maybe $1 – $2 each which pays your wage
    , your insurance , van and fuel costs , your super , your GST , your income TAX and most of us don’t have holidays as we cant afford them !!! So you keep on complaining OK Keep expecting someone to carry your wine up stairs and good luck with trying to get to happen šŸ™‚

  11. I have the same problem…..I’m wheelchair bound and do a lot of online shopping and have everything delivered to my home address. They just leave that card saying to go after 4pm to my post office. Now, if I didn’t have a disability I wouldn’t mind so much, not much point having stuff delivered if I still need to leave the house to pick it up. I have to find someone on my behalf to pick them up, which is difficult because the post office close’s at 6pm and people who work don’t get home till after 6pm and leave before 9am. I’ve made a few complaints by phone to Australia Post, I received a letter stating that, “there are shortfalls and that it had been addressed and that they will avoid a reoccurrence in the future”. I’ve had two deliveries since then and nothing has changed, I am at home 95% of time. When I made another complaint, they said it was because postal deliveries are contracted out and they are not obligated to leave it at the house. But on their website it states otherwise “We make every attempt to deliver your parcel personally and where requested, obtain a signature for the delivery. Sometimes when no one is at home to accept the parcel you may receive a card in your mail box letting you know you have an item for collection”.

    I’ve contacted the Postal Industry Ombudsman, they are looking into it. I think if everyone makes a complaint to the Ombudsmen and they might do something about it. So the CHALLANGE TO EVERYONE READING THIS, is to contact the Postal Industry Ombudsman. I’ve also read on other sites that the postie that you see delivering you letters is not the same postie that delivers your parcel’s. It’s a contracted van that goes straight to the post office with all the parcel’s and the other postie leaves the card, that’s why you have to go after 4pm cause the parcel’s are not there yet if you go before 4pm. So here is the link maybe people power can make they bring us the service we pay for…!

  12. @Elsja : After re-reading your complaint i believe you are complaining because YOU don’t want to carry your wine up 2 flights of stairs! Quote “We knew this was for three cases of wine and of course the fat slob doesn?t want to deliver 3 cases of wine. That means he?d actually have to carry the weight up two flights of stairs.”
    I deliver mail now but i did deliver parcels for 18 mths and was amazed at what people expect you to do to deliver their parcels , I had one person who got wine all the time usually 2-3 boxes at a time sometimes 10-12 boxes and he wanted me to open his gate drive in close the gate then drive 30 metres to the house which i did because he was disabled and had spoken to me and made an agreement on delivery of his things ! I was told by the manager at the time that i did not not have to do this as the front door was more than 6 metres from the letter box ! Maybe instead of complaining try speaking to the delivery person with respect about how to fix the problem and you might get somewhere !
    Just my thoughts

    1. We tried speaking to him once and he always just lied and said “I rang the buzzer.” Clearly I lie since we were home and not once have we ever had a issue with anyone saying our buzzer doesn’t work. I’m not too lazy to carry it up, in fact I’ve had to do it many times. And if I buy a case in the shop, I could care less- but I PAID FOR SHIPPING!! I didn’t pay 15 bucks to go pick something up at the post office and carry it home!

      Doesn’t matter anyways- we finally got a new delivery person after a year of making complaints.

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