I hope many many people google “Australia Post Sucks” and find this post about my miserable hatred for the loser Aussie postal workers. Australia Post sucks when it comes to delivering packages. Until recently, I thought it was just our shitty delivery guy- but turns out TONS of people have this problem.

We have the most usless prick for a postman. A few months back I got a prescription in the mail… well, technically I got one of those little cards saying I had a package at the post office. I didn’t think anything of it because back then, we only checked our mail every few days so there was actually a chance that we were gone when it was delivered.

So last week we got another card in the mail. Well, seeing as how I have a broken foot and don’t often leave the house unless I have to, I was pissed because we were DEFINITELY home the day he left that card in the mail. Oddly though, we couldn’t figure out what it was that he was supposed to be delivering. Andrew walked to the PO to get the mystery package. Since he didn’t know what it was supposed to be, AND the postman hadn’t even left a reference number on the card, they told him they didn’t have anything under our name or address.

Andrew called to complain. A few days later, we figured out that the package was the case of wine we ordered (usually it was delivered by a courier but they changed to Australian Post). Now we were REALLY pissed…they LOST our wine  Well, Andrew walked back up to the post office to complain again, but this time they had the box- meaning he had to carry the case of wine all the way down our street. ALL because the useless postal worker was too lazy to bring the box up to our apartment.

When Andrew called the post office again, they said this happens a lot because the postal workers are just contract employees… Umm… so they know they have a problem but do nothing to fix it  We saw the postal guy outside once and Andrew asked if he rings the bell… of course he said yes.

So then a few days later another package came in the mail. This time we got a BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZ on our intercom. Surely it must be a friend because no one else would be that rude an annoying to hold the buzzer down that long. Well, whatya know  it’s the post man. Ironic that after we complain, only THEN does he ANNOYINGLY buzz our apartment 3 long times. He says “a lot of people don’t hear the buzzers.” Well how about this… Buzz once, like any normal human being. If you don’t get an answer after 10 seconds, try again. We’ve NEVER had anyone tell us we didn’t hear them buzz, so nice excuse.

Then yesterday Andrew came home from an overnight trip and asked if any packages have been delivered… he’s expecting 5 and I’m expecting 1. Nope… no packages. I’ve been home non-stop except for dinner for the last 2 days (boring I know).

Well, we checked the mailbox and sure enough, 2 more cards in the box. Same handwriting… no delivery time noted, no reference number noted. One was from the 15th and one from the 16th.


So Andrew “scheduled” a call with the Australian Post for today at 9:30am to put in another complaint. Then he walked up to the post office AGAIN where he picked up the two most recent packages. He overheard someone say “yeah they only deliver to houses, not to apartments”

Could you imagine saying to your boss. “Yeah I’ll only work on the easy projects, not the pain in the ass ones” and having your boss say “yeah that’s fine, we’ll just manage the complaints we get over and over.”

Seriously… what can we do? We pay for shipping on these items and then we end up having to go to the post office EVERY TIME (except once) to pick them up.
Today Andrew put a note on our mailbox stating: “PACKAGES…Please ring the bell… WE ARE HOME!”

His note was much nicer than the one I wanted to write: “Dear postman, stop being a lazy PRICK, do your JOB and deliver our effing packages.”

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  1. Once I sent a registered letter from AusPost. When we later went back over there with the original form and inquired if the package had been received, they said we would have to fill up a form and the answer would come in a week… by mail. WTF? We were told there are two types of registered letters, one with a number easily trackable and one without. Why would one want a registered letter they can’t track? Isn’t it the whole point?

  2. I cant believe that in this day and age that we even need them.. they are soooo useless! I just tried to send a parcel to Tas. but it was to long.. I just sent it via Tasfast cheaper than Auspost were if I cut it in half.

    problem is, what will we do with all those unemployable people?

  3. Sitting here waiting, waiting… for a registered parcel to arrive… I did indeed Google Australia Post Sucks. And you did come up. At least I know I’m not alone as I sulk.

    If only parcels could be delivered by email…

    1. OMG- don’t they SUCK? We’ve continued to have this problem and have filed a complaint each and every time. The last time we did (a few weeks ago) they escalated our complaint and evidently now the guy is supposed to call his manager ANY time he leaves something and we’re not home. Then he will call us to ensure we are not home. We’ll see how that works out. I want to order something big just to test him.

  4. Hi Guys and Gals, I also was so P’d off we have now designed a courier website for Aussies to select a better option in a lot of cases for parcels your better off selection a courier, unfortunately we found most couriers wont accept one offs. So we have built this website to help aussies save on couriers. My brother in law just called me and said he paid 20 bucks for an overnight letter from syd to mel, we have overnight now on our website calculator for 12 bucks door to door.

  5. Thanks Elsja; reading your blog has been more of a help than you can know. Thanks for your periodic words of encouragement/understanding and advice on YDU. It’s comforting to know a fellow Californian is here coping so well 🙂 Husband and I have been here for over a month now; he’s from Orange County and I’m from L.A. Really enjoy reading this blog now that we’re here. Thanks.

  6. Yes, finally a place where I can show my ever growing hatred for the most useless company in the world, Australia Post. But unfortunately, I cannot express such hatred in mere words. If I were to, the best I could say would be “My hatred for Australia Post is more than everyones hatred for Hilter”.

  7. They are absolutely shocking. Especially since there is a huge number of post offices you now cannot reach by phone except through their call centre.

    Their “tracking” is a joke. It allows you to see your lost parcels bouncing around their system but can you retrieve them?? well in theory yes..but in practice it’s pretty much impossible to find someone in their customer service centre willing to help at all. They’ll fob you off with every excuse under the sun, or take details and not get back to you. You’ll get a different tale with each different person you speak with..and in the end. No damn parcel!

  8. Australia post delivers %97 of parcels accuratly and on time. of the 22 million items delivered daily it is possable that some do fall through the cracks. i think you all need to calm down and look at the big picture. aus post is the highest ranked postal service in the WORLD!!!… move to another country and your compaints would be worse

    1. That’s the funny thing… most of us HAVE lived in other countries and we’ve never had as many problems. Even the Aus post complaint department acknowledges they have a problem with their contractors.

  9. Hello i’m a postman for Australia post “not a contractor”

    This is where the problem is, Parcels use to be delivered by full time Australia post employees “Guys in the little red vans” When Australia post became corperized IE no longer funded by the tax payer,they eventually started to out source parcel delivery to contractors.Now to save money on over time the managers at Australia post make the contractors card all parcels to unit blocks,Now contractors are paid poorly and are hassled on there delivery times plus they only have so much space in there vans for mail items. Does this make it ok for them to make you walk to the post office? hell no but don’t blame the contractors and don’t blame the guys who have to walk in the rain or ride motorcycles because we have nothing to do with it. It’s the managing style at Australia post that’s the problem.
    will privatization solves the problem? Remember how good Qantas and telecom were befor they were privatized?
    If Australia post is ever privatized it would sell for billions. Australia post’s income before tax is just under 5 billion a year so who ever buys it is going to pass the cost onto the public. “that means no more mail delivered to your house at all, you will have to collected it from post boxes” and by the way there looking into doing that now.
    My advice is to not use Australia post for parcels, use TNT or one of those other guys.

    ps: star trak express and australia express are part owned by Australia post.


  10. 1st of cantractors arent posti’s.
    2nd in this day and age they cant leave there vans out of sight and cant drive onto private property battle axe blocks or units flats villas your choice where you live
    3rd posti’s dont like contractor either but thats life
    4th Some peole just never happy need to complain all the time.

    1. Considering that only 1 out of every 5 parcels I have paid to be delivered, is delivered hassle free and the rest are late, lost, not scanned, misdirected, or go knows what else. I seriously have to ask what I am paying for!

      This isnt if ya dont like it go somewhere else (seems to be implied) this is a service we have bought and paid for and are not getting.

      I say complain MORE! After my last lost parcel and subsequent complaint, the next parcel delivery saw my letter box destroyed (thanks so much) and a card shoved under the doormat (found some time later) which said Ya parcels over the gate. Well I looked, no parcel. I walked all around the house and found in the tiny skinny section (with no gate) a package IN the water well at the base of a downpipe, and it had been raining for days.

      I lodged ANOTHER complaint to show this jerk that smashing my letterbox, hiding the card, and throwing my mail into a well, was not going to serve to shut me up.

      Since then, surprisingly, they knock on the door, actually say POST, and actually deliver the parcels the rest of AP hasnt lost.

      That’s life???? Its not a FREE service! Its a PAID FOR service! Anyone else would be sacked!

      Not the postie? I regularly get other people’s letters and they get mine. That IS the postie! The whole whole gives a **** attitude comes from there being no other postal service so they can get away with murder and jus fob off complaints.

      Just like Telecom did before they opened it up to other suppliers.

  11. Bloody Australia Post messed upour holiday. The registered post carrying our pasports did not arrive at all. We had to cancel our overseas holiday that we were looking forward to for the last 6 months. I never use them myself because i know how incompetent they are but there is nothng much you can say to a country’s consulate. I HATE AUSTRALIA POST.

  12. I understand both sides of the argument, I truly can as I work for Auspost…..
    I work in retail, and believe me, the amount of abuse and ‘non speaking English’ customers we have to deal with daily is unbelievable…Sometimes I just hear some of the comments and awful attitudes ppl have towards ppl in the customer service industry (as if we owe them something)…Believe me when I say this, both myself and everyone else I know that works for Auspost, work our butts off…otherwise there is no way we would still have a job….consider the good ppl that are working hard to make Auspost one of the best postal services in the world !!

    1. hi everyone australia post service is OK I have not had any major problems with the service.Letters that I have posted have arrived ALL on time. The staff at Australia post work hard to deliver the service. I appreciate that. I say congratulations. having said that though some of the staff are racists in their attitudes towards ethnic australians. I personally have been teased and given a little bit [quite a lot of cheek] of cheek by some austalia post staff. Which I have not particularly enjoyed. Otherwise the service at australia post is generally good and above average. I just ask australia post for its staff not to give me cheek or be racially discriiminatory towards me. otherwise I find Australia post service efficient and generally very good and staff at most times helpful and courteous. well done australia post.

  13. I googled “Australia Post sucks” and got your entry, so yay!

    Sometimes I just hear some of the comments and awful attitudes ppl have towards ppl in the customer service industry (as if we owe them something)
    I find this comment really weird. You ARE in the customer service industry. You are PAID to be in customer service. That is your JOB. PEOPLE WILL EXPECT GOOD SERVICE FROM YOU. If you screw up, people WILL complain, and they have a right to, because SOMEONE screwed up on their job. It’s not just a matter of parcels getting lost/delayed — think of what’s IN the parcels. Maybe it’s something important, or urgent. So yes, people WILL get upset if they don’t get their mail when they’re supposed to. For example, I read about how how AusPost lost a family’s Korean war medals. Are you really going to say that AusPost doesn’t “owe” this family anything?

    That being said, there are customers who are unnecessarily evil. But some employees are, too. I had a parcel from VIC->NSW and it’s been nearly 2 weeks since it was shipped. I inquired at the Post Office in case I’d just missed my card, and it wasn’t there. When I politely asked how long packages usually take to ship from VIC, the employee snottily told me to have it shipped via express post next time. I mean, sheesh.

    The gentleman in front of me had missing parcels as well. Not a good sign, AusPost!

    BOB — I’m curious where postal systems are ranked. I’ve lived in several countries overseas and they have much better service.

  14. Oh, and same on the parcel delivery thing.

    I just moved to Australia and was expecting to receive one. I was at home the entire day… nothing. When I checked my mail at the end of the day, I saw that I’d been left a card telling me to pick it up.

    Apparently, for apartments it’s common that posties just leave a card without ringing? Now I’ve resigned myself to the fact that every time I get a parcel I have to trek to the Post Office to get it. Kind of defeats the purpose of having stuff delivered to you, when you have to pick it up somewhere else anyway.

    I used to live in an apartment complex in the US (California too, yay) and yes, the postman would come and knock on our door. So I don’t get all this “AusPost is the highest ranking postal system in the world!!!” business.

  15. Ha, googled ‘Australia Post sucks’ and got here, nice.
    To Mark, the postman, when you order things from shops they have their own agenda as to who they use to deliver and more often that not its Australia Post so there is no option.
    I’ve just ordered and express package and when tracking the order on the Australia Post website it says it has been delivered to an L Flemming in Brisbane. I’m an A. Thompson in Perth.
    Yeah, they f’ing suck

  16. I also hate Australia Post.

    Yesterday I was informed by e mail that my package was ready so I wrote down the tracking number and I verified this on the Australia Post website. I then walked down to the post office with the tracking number and guess what? The young lady said with a sneer and condescending voice “I won’t even know where to look with that number!”

    I then went back and called Australia Post and they informed me the package is definitely in the branch. I went there the second time and this time I printed out the full schedule of my package from the website. Using *exactly* the same number I provided, another postal worker found my package in less than 2 minutes.

    So lets gather the facts:

    1. I didn’t even receive a card to say my package was ready.
    2. I was informed my package was ready by the website supplier as they had my tracking number and upon checking, it appeared it was in the branch.
    3. I was met with a rude woman who won’t even take my name or at least look at the tracking number. I gave her BOTH the long and short tracking numbers. These are the ONLY numbers that get recorded in the system.
    4. I had to go back, call the post office and wasted time, for something that took 2 minutes.

    This is NOT the first time I had problem with Australia Post in Nedland Broadway Branch. They don’t understand customer service and they represent an appalling image to our international students and visitors as this branch is near University of Western Australia. I have complained this to Australia Post formally, but I am doubtful any useful action will be taken to improve the level of customer service.

  17. My apologies for the previous post, part of it was from a complaint I sent to the Australia Post but I don’t know how to delete or modify my comments.

    1. Thanks for your comments Steve and I did delete the redundant post. I say you should call and complain EACH time without fail. We did and we FINALLY got a new courier after a year of complaints!

  18. Hi, Elsja. I did indeed google “Australia Post sucks” and found your blog!

    I used to work in retail; I understand what it’s like on the front line and that employees are subjected to certain benchmarks. What I don’t understand is why deliveries get lost in an age of electronic tracking, why it takes seven days to deliver a standard 3kg package from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, why post office opening hours 9-ish to 5-ish Mon-Fri when so many of us can’t get queue up during those times because of work… Blah, blah, blah. Frustrating!

    Aus Post should focus on its core business – mail. Not banking, not accepting bills for other companies, not selling printers. They’ve diversified too widely and it’s clearly not working for them or people who just want to send/receive physical mail.

    Sorry for the Christmas rant, but Aus Post frustrates the hell out of me! Glad to know I’m not alone!

    1. Oh I SO agree with you!! Bill payment is nice, but it’s so easy to do that through online banking these days anyways. Mail should be key- and later opening hours on certain days would definitely be helpful.

  19. Another guy who landed here because of Google. The awesome power of the search engine.

    Anyway, if you think you have it bad, think about this: for the past 4 YEARS, auspost delivered less than 90% of my parcels.

    Yes, bloody postman almost always leave a “we missed you” card even when I am clearly at home. How do I know they never TRIED to deliver? Because the card is left out in the mailbox, not under my door. That and the fact I saw him get out of the van, leave the card and got back on.

    I spoke to the person in the post office once and she said it’s common for them not to deliver your stuff if you live in an apartment. It’s apparently too troublesome for them. Didn’t know postmen have some world-changing activity to engage in.

    Plus, about 10% of the time they NEVER EVEN leave a bloody card. I ended up waiting for the bloody several parcels for 2 months, only to receive a “FINAL NOTICE”.

    If only I had another choice, I would have gladly paid twice the amount to get my stuff delivered. Unfortunately, a lot of companies (especially when you buy online) just don’t offer a choice.

    1. It’s horrible Andre!! My husband was so fed up that he called OVER AND OVER to complain. They FINALLY sorted their stuff out and got us a new delivery guy who usually will deliver packages. Just have to be persistent!

  20. Recently I have been having a number of expensive (And very heavy) items delivered to me. Having paid for express international delivery and told to expect delivery within 10-14 days by the company delivering them I was surprised when none had arrived within 3 weeks. After calling AusPost and spending a good hour and a half on hold they told me to not worry that these delays are normal and not at all unusual. Meanwhile I was checking the tracking numbers online each and everyday, awaiting any confirmation that they had arrived. Not knowing at this point that I could check tracking with the company that sent them as well as AusPost. After 5 full weeks the card arrives in the post box, and suddenly a list of entries are shown on the website under the tracking numbers. They all appeared at once. I go to the local Post Office only to be told it is being held at another office a few suburbs over, so I head there, the lady at the desk tells me it is not there and then leaves me waiting for 15 minutes. After waiting I complain to another attendant that I was not finish being served and the first lady was gone. He tells me she went home, half way through serving me. I just about throw a fit right there!! He then re-checks out the back, and bingo my parcels were there, turns out the first lady just couldn’t be bothered.

    By the way, I was home the day that the card arrived, I am home most days as I work nights. While I may have been asleep I have never once failed to wake when someone has knocked on the door.

    I tell my friend this story that night and he lets me know you can track the parcels with both USPS and AusPost, so when I get home I check, and guess what. The tracking says that AusPost had been holding the parcels for about 19 days.

    Sorry to rant for so long, just want everyone to know how much I despise AusPost. Useless, worthless, most frustrating organization on earth.

    Currently I am waiting for another shipment which USPS says AusPost has ‘Waiting for Delivery’ so I will call them every day to ask where it is until they bring it too me, meanwhile the AusPost tracking number says nothing!

  21. Hi, also don’t dig Australia post… originally from S.A I trusted Australia Post, but as a pre-caution registered my parcel, which was a camera I was returning (faulty) turns out it wasn’t scanned at all, so tracking it was not possible – this is not good enough. I lost a few hundred dollars because some Australian post D+ck stole it. Never again. Now I should have had a parcel a week ago, nothing, so now tomorrow I’ll have to follow this up (I sent an email to the company I bought it from, and it’s not them) USELESS Australia Post….SHAME on you….

  22. I don’t live in Australis, but as a general rule, for large parcels/packages (no matter it’s registered or not), you must collect the item at the post office, unless it’s sent using its premium express mail service.

  23. they have lost 2 parcels which were my daughters birthday presents sent by my parents, my friends return of faulty goods and now my legal monthy tobacco order…THEY ARE USELESS.

  24. My problem isn’t with the delivery men and woman themselves, but rather the processing. I ordered something from eBay and it was shipped from Japan 6 days ago. It had tracking and I could see it leave Kobe and get to Osaka in only one day, it left Japan that night. So everything is going quickly in Japan as one should expect from an express package… Until it reached Sydney. My express package has been sitting in Sydney for three days, I still haven’t had it delivered to me here in Brisbane. So much for paying extra for fast delivery. Post should not be like this in 2013, what a joke.

  25. Them Aus post feels, it seems like they don’t even bother taking the parcels and just give you the cards, i was at home waiting for a package and the guy just dropped a card in which said pick up after 4.00 at a auspost depot scattered around my suburb. It was a microSD card so like why not just put it in the letterbox :/. I’d rather them just email me or something and say your parcel is here please collect or we can come out. Rather than this inane game of potluck parcels.

  26. Aust. Post must be one of the most ineffficient untrustworthy organisations is the Country. I run a very small business and so far this month they have managed to loose 5 packages, not delivered, all they say to me is “we cannot track it unless it is registered” for which they require $3.50. As I said I run a very small business and if I have to register all items sent then I have virtually not profit.
    You cannot tell me that these items just disappear into thin air, they are obviously stolen, but do Aust.Post care, NO. what they need is competition and will that happen,
    not likely. Why don’t they do a thorough check on the people they employ. Lets face it I am not the only person with this problem. You scum bags in Aust Post who steal other peoples belongings Khamar is a powerful thing..

  27. I just had to deal with these incompetent idiots… I’d like to use far more powerful terms to describe them but I’ll keep this G rated. Basically one of their contractors banged on the screen door at 8am, waited literally 5 seconds, took my package with him and left. My gran takes 15 seconds to get anywhere around the house with her bad knee. That same contractor has been here before and he knows the drill. Didn’t leave a card or anything, just took the parcel. Checked the tracking, it’s gone to some facility in a suburb one over from me, and says it’s gone through that facility. Ring up local PO. No answer. Ring up PO one suburb away. Their phone works, talk to woman who says parcel isn’t there, check with the local PO, who I just rung with no answer. I’m going to try and drag myself into the local PO which is too far up the road with my walking disabilities, and if they don’t have the package there then I’m going to contact the ebayer i bought the item from and ask for my money back since the item was not delivered. Sick of this, at least the last parcel I had delivered, the contractor was kind enough to leave a card for it…

    1. It’s ridiculous! I shipped a package from the US and it was tracked to LA on the 28th of November. Once it crosses the sea, tracking ends with USPS and so now, I have no idea where it is. I don’t think I’ll ever be getting my latest package.

      They also recently more than DOUBLED the price of a stamp to the US. Completely unbelievable!

  28. I was brought here by Google as well.

    Having grown up and lived for a significant portion of my life in California I was long-accustomed to the USPS. And while the USPS has its flaws, it’s a shining example of all that is right in postal delivery when compared to Australia Post.

    Tracking parcels is an exercise in futility if they’re coming from overseas. I don’t know why a tracked parcel suddenly becomes untrackable once it arrives in Australia. And the delivery time of 5-7 business days extends out to three weeks. It boggles the mind that a parcel can leave its origin country within two days but takes weeks to deliver after it reaches Australia.

    Cross country delivery time is appalling as well. Most things get shipped over (NSW to WA) by truck and that takes a week in transit alone. And then it gets processed locally and sent off for delivery (which takes another couple of days). It’s been a few years since I lived in California, but I recall letters being delivered anywhere within a few days.

    The dreaded pick-up card… It’s often a tool for lazy drivers who can’t be bothered walking up to the front door. I work from home so I’m always here when the postie arrives. I’ve long-since made it a habit to call and complain every time a card appears in my mailbox.

    Sending mail… I miss the little flag on my mailbox. Every time I’ve got to mail letters I’ve got to head out and find a pick-up mail box. Why postal carriers can’t simply take outgoing mail from my mailbox when they’re right there mystifies me.

    And to cap it all off, Australia Post is looking to cut back on its delivery services. Community mail boxes? Delivery days cut? Special fees to receive home delivered letters? Australia Post wants more for doing less.

    1. It’s amazing how bad it can be Shawn! I hadn’t heard of the possible changes that may be made. I really hope it doesn’t get any worse than it already is.

      With that said, I actually feel like card/letter delivery is quite quick. Probably the only positive thing I find.

  29. I HATE Australia Post with a passion, and I mean passion.
    I am absolutely fed up with how slow they are to deliver parcels around the country. I am located in WA. On the 11th of October 2019 I ordered an item in Queensland, on the 16th of October 2019 I ordered an item from California. The item from Queensland cost me $80 for freight, the item from California cost me $37 for freight. The Queensland item arrived in Perth on the 23rd of October, the item from California arrived in Perth on the 22nd of October, so its quicker to buy from America and have it shipped overseas including customs than have an item posted in my own bloody country.

    As of the 25th of October 2019, my item from Queensland is still sitting in Perth, which is now almost 3 days, so it will be at least another 3 days (Monday) before its sent anywhere.

    Delivery times from Australia Post has gotten worse over the last few years, I am hoping to create a website where people from around Australia can post their hatred for this pathetic company, maybe then will something change.

  30. I too searched for Australia Post Sucks and found this page. Reading this article in 2020 and finding out this is a decade long issue gives me so much confidence about the AusPost service.

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