It’s nice to be back in Calirfornia… but it’s weird. I was welcomed by chilly weather, fog and an earthquake last night! After being in 90 degree heat and bathing suits, it definitely feels strange to be thrown into the cold where I now require scarves and jackets.

LUCKILY I love winter clothing MUCH more than summer stuff (even though I love summer weather). So I hit the shops yesterday to get a few sweaters and some other articles of clothing. It’s amazing that I actually found things I like- the last time I was in California all of the clothes in the shops were hideous and made me want to barf.

So… now my foot is hurting more. Is it because I sat on the plane for 13 hours and then walked around shopping for a few hours? Or… is it because it’s cold? I always hear how broken bones ache more in the chilly weather- but mine is more my ankle that is hurting. You know what I bet it is? I haven’t been able to use my WiiFit in 2 whole days šŸ™ How sad, I miss it.

I also miss my wonderful Andrew. I haven’t been away from him in a long time. Ok… so we were apart for a week in august, but before that we weren’t apart since March. It’s amazing how we used to be so happy when we got to see each other for more than 2 weeks in a row. Now I dread 2 weeks apart! But I’m happy to have time with my family and friends!

In fact, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. My family is having a late Christmas šŸ™‚ I think Andrew thinks it’s weird that my mom left the tree up and she’s making a turkey dinner and everything. BUUUUT I met a girl on the plane from Canada and we got to talking. She asked if this was my first Christmas away from home and I said “yes.” Her reply was “ME TOO, but my mom is having another Christmas for me.” So I replied “ME TOO… and she left the tree up and is making turkey dinner. Then she exclaimed “ME TOO.” So see… it’s not abnormal- we just have nice moms who want us to have our nice Christmas, even if it is a bit late.

…That’s enough babbling for the day! Happy weekend everybody šŸ™‚

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