It’s hard to imagine a more perfect way to celebrate my last “single” weekend than the way it was spent. One week before I said “I do”, myself and 9 other girls boarded the Carnival Paradise and set sail on what would be one of the best weekends of my life. First of all, I was completely thrilled that there were even 9 girls who wanted to come with me! I know a cruise to Ensenada isn’t the cheapest of ways to celebrate a bachelorette party, regardless everyone still wanted to come. I had 5 girls from CA and the others flew in from Australia, Hong Kong, Texas and Georgia. How lucky am I?

From the minute we stepped on board, we were having a great time. Shannon and Amanda got there a bit early and decorated the rooms with streamers and champagne. Oh yeah… there were 5 of us sharing this room. Wow we’re good!

My sisters and friends provided me with the typical array of penis themed games and toys (no pictures needed there) and shortly after that we changed into our bathing suits, headed to the pool and ordered our first drinks. We started the beverage consumption off on a moderate pace but that quickly sped as soon as we met a group of 30+ firemen who were ever so generous with their drink offerings. I’m pretty sure it never stopped after that.

The next 3 days consisted of some incredible fun and CRAZY adventures. I definitely think there were a few highlights and memorable moments that I will share in a brief photo journal for you all.

Papas and Beer. Drinking all day in Ensenada was SO much fun. I think these pictures pretty much sum up the day:

Incredible days of fun in the sun, fancy dinners and nights of burning calories on the dance floor:

In addition to the obvious fun we had there were other “special” moments that I’ll never forget.

  • The weekend wouldn’t have been complete without losing my sister Jan a few times (who now has the nickname “Where’s Waldo” or “Jan you F*@$#er!” Luckily when you’re on a boat you can’t lose anyone for too long.
  • Shannon tore it up on the dance floor AND the Karaoke stage.
  • Unintentional prank calls to random rooms… oops 🙂
  • Dione cracked us all up with her comment “I may have had a little…” (I’ll leave that one up to the imagination).
  • I swear that none of us took part in getting an IV injection to cure a hangover… but I may have witnessed one. If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t like to go around letting random strangers inject needles in my arm- I would think this was a great idea.
  • The free bottle of “wine” (aka vodka masked in a sealed wine bottle) was a lovely addition to our last dinner on the boat. Thanks random guys wherever you are.
  • I will forever cherish “the book” of wedding advice that was passed around all weekend to anyone willing to add their tips and suggestions. I think some of those tips may warrant a blog of their own one day.
  • Yellow shirt, blue eyes, green shirt, hat tag guy, Patrick, Captain, P footy… you all made our trip so much more memorable!

Overall, it was the best girls weekend you could ever ask for. With 10 girls you would expect a bit of drama and surprisingly there was very little of that going around. I think a girls cruise to Ensenada should become a regular event. Yes, that is a fantastic idea! Who’s with me?

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  1. This sounds so awesome! I have ALWAYS wanted to do something like this with my girlfriends, but we’ve never been able to get ourselves together. So great that your ladies were there for you!

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