Well I got home yesterday and there’s nothing exciting about that. Nothing exciting to blog about in regards to my 12 1/2 hour plane ride or my day of depression and exhaustion and jet lag.

I did have one thing I wanted to share while I was still in Sydney, but I was just too lazy to write about it. Friday morning (thursday afternoon for you peeps) I got up at 2:45am to go to work with Andrew (I know, that’s dedication right?) He had to fly out to Wagga Wagga (what a horrific, yet funny name for a town) to pick up and deliver some freight.  

Well, not only am I happy that I got to spend the day with my boyfriend, I am also happy at the experience I had on the flight out. It was much smoother than my last flying experience with him!!! Seeing as we were in the air by about 3:45 am, it was still pitch black out. We flew over some pretty rural areas (with no city lights) so we had a great view of the sky and the stars.

Andrew turned off all the lights in the plane for a few minutes and we just had an awesome view of the sky at 8,000 feet.

This is what it looked like, no joke:


Ok maybe that photo is zoomed in a little more than we could see… BUT, it looked a lot like that!! We could actually SEE the milky way… the blurry white cluster of stars (so different to the like 19 stars we can see in the entire sky here in OC). We could see the Southern Cross too and I also saw a shooting star. Now, I’ve seen some cool stars in my day while camping or while I was in the mountains or hawaii, but this was so much better. I could stare at the starry sky forever. Eventually though, morning had to come… so I got to see the night sky turn into a sunrise.

It was worth getting up early for!!

3 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. “so different to the like 19 stars we can see” – what does that mean exactly?

    you have something else in the sky that shine like stars but aren’t stars?

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