Well I may have slept in until noon today (cut me some slack I couldn’t fall asleep til after 4am because of jet lag)…but tonight I still got off my butt and went to the gym. I thought I would have a really hard time on the machines since I have been so tired and just drained the last two days, but surprisingly- I was ok. I think getting on the scale this morning put me into a deeper depression than even yesterday, but once I was awake for a few hours and once I had a little lunch in my stomach, that scale had the opposite effect… it motivated me to get moving! I only planned on doing 20 minutes on the stair machine since I felt so weak but a really good episode of “Wife Swap” was on and I really wanted to see how it ended. Now, I never ever ever watch that show. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen an entire episode- but it was enough to hook me in to my cardio and I ended up doing about 40 minutes instead of 20. With Shannon’s wedding less than a month away… and my bridesmaid dress alteration looming, I’ll try to deal with all the sweat I can manage! Funny how all the Aussies say America is an obese country (which it is) yet,after my trip to Sydney, I weigh the most I have weighed all year!!! Even going on uphill walks and going to yoga 3 days a week couldnt fight off the effects of the Thai chicken curry. I guess it’s back to reality now -back to hard work and boring food if I want to fit into my dress for the wedding! 🙂

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