Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin muffins I made- as you can see here (I know we don’t look like we are enjoying them… but those are just grumpy faces because we were eating the last 2 muffins in the house):

11-07 More Misc. Pics 013 (Small).jpg

We really planned on giving them away to people. But we gave away 6 and ate the rest (there were about 30 to start). Luckily I modified the recipe enough that we shouldn’t gain too much weight from eating 24 muffins in less than a week. Although I was sad to see them go, I was thankful deep down that I would stop binging on muffins every day.

But last night, after making Andrew some Jambalaya for dinner (that I didn’t eat because it had greasy snausages and shrimpies)- we were hungry for sweets. Sadly, since our pumpkin muffins were gone- we had nothing sugary in the house.

We sat and wished we had something yummy to munch on. So… I said “I’ll just bake some cookies.” I found a recipe online with ingredients that I knew I had on hand. I got up at around 8pm and started baking. By 8:45pm we were eating these:

11-07 More Misc. Pics 025 (Small).jpg

11-07 More Misc. Pics 022 (Small).jpg

Yummy sugar cookies made from scratch in less than an hour. These are delish and this recipe was super easy (but not modified)… so we HAVE to give some of these away or else I’ll be coming home a little with a little extra pudge. Any takers? Oh and thanks to Tess for the idea of putting jam in the middle. It was a little extra special touch that made the cookies even more delectable.

After the Jambalaya last night, the stuffed chicken breasts the night before and the cookies to top it all off- Andrew said “I’m more impressed with your cooking than I thought I would be”

I don’t know if I should be taking that as a compliment- or be sad that he thought I wouldn’t be able to cook!

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