What do you do when you and the husband unexpectedly both have  time off around Christmas? You cancel all your Christmas plans and book a last minute ticket to surprise the family back in the states. Well, at least that’s what we did this year. The best part? The laughs, smiles, screams and tears from all the family and friends we got to shock one by one.

In this social media day and age, having to tell a bunch of people your plans (because of all the Aussie ones you have to cancel last minute) means that keeping the surprise is always going to be tough. There is such a risk that someone will spill the beans. We were fortunate though that no one blew it. The only person who knew we were coming to California was my friend Jen and she did a great job of helping us work the surprise (and her laugh in the videos is quite entertaining too).

So here’s what happens when you turn up at your parents’ house from across the world and they have no idea you are coming. (Sorry mom, I know you just had surgery and you are still in your PJs but it’s too good not to share).

And then your dad sees you (and you try to usher parents out front for the final surprise)

Which is when your husband sneaks around the back of the house for the grand finale.

Unfortunately we didn’t get my sister’s tears on video, hers was one of the best reactions. She said it was the most surprised she’s ever been.

Surprise “home for the holidays” mission accomplished!



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