Guess what I did?

I DROVE! on the OTHER side of the road. I’ve done this before but I was always real scared. Since I got here this time I was still too freaked to try it. I knew I would one day, but I didn’t know when that day would come. Well, yesterday I just had this vision of me driving and made a decision. I decided I would drive today.

So I did. Drove to a few close places with Andrew directing me. I did alright.


Guess what I did?

I DROVE BY MYSELF!!! Andrew and his friends wanted to go to the beach on their bikes. Well, I don’t have a bike- AND even if I did, I couldnt ride there because the hills are MASSIVE and I would die. So, I took a chance, had Andrew drive me a map and I drove ALL by myself to the beach. Just about a 10 minute drive, but still- that is a very big deal for me.

In other news, Andrew and I MAY have found a place. I wont jinx it by talking about it too much- but think good thoughts for us over the next few days! I’ll keep you posted!

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