As a rule, our birdies typically don’t like other birds. But lately, they’ve been living in peace with a few Myna birds that have been frequenting the balcony. They used to chase the Mynas away and scream at them in their squaky squak voice, but lately… not so much. I’m really happy they have put their differences aside and decided to live in harmony because they’ve got a good system going. Our birdies will come and devour the grapes I feed them but they leave a huge mess of their unwanted scraps. Well, now the Mynas swoop in and clean up these scraps. Win win for everyone (if only they cleaned up the bird crap that’s all over the balcony as well)!!

Well the other day, there were some VERY unwelcome visitors. A couple of other lorikeets stopped by. It was actually pretty exciting. I heard a bit of a commotion outside and went to the door to see not 2, but 4 beautiful lorikeets. Well, I may have liked it- but our birdies sure didn’t and they told those new ones off big time! They chased them onto another balcony, screamed at them, and pretty much tried to swoop attack them! Well, the 2 new birds weren’t happy with being chased away so they came back. And the fighting started all over again. This went on for about 5 minutes. To top it all off, new birdy #1 flew to the nearby tree that you can see in this picture to escape the wrath of our little feathered friends. Well, even that wasn’t good enough and the boy birdy flew down and chased the other out of the tree!

Seriously… how mean are they? I mean it’s great that they are getting along after their past lovers’ quarrels and I’m glad they are now getting along with the Mynas… but they’ve still got some serious anger management to deal with!

2 thoughts on “Bird Wars”

  1. I know I comment on all of your bird stories – but that’s because I LOVE them. Maybe that means I need to get out more too – but it is what it is and I LUV the birdie stories. šŸ™‚

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