First of all, happy happy birthday to my dad 🙂

Secondly… Happy Earth Day for tomorrow. I really don’t celebrate Darth Day. How does one celebrate anyways? Pick up trash/rubbish? Plant a tree? I do think we planted trees when I was a kid in elementary school. Maybe I should learn to be more earthy… but until I do, let’s just celebrate with some funnies, shall we?






3 thoughts on “Birthdays and Earth Days”

  1. Those cards are the greatest!! lol I love them!

    And thanks for the comment – it’s good to hear people know what I’m talking about! I’m supposed to start the job next week … we’ll see … I just found out there are uniforms – LAME – black button up long sleeve with black pants and only a 10% discount on clothes – what? LAME!

  2. i LOVE that someEcards website! i have found some of the funniest stuff on that page – most of it is so over the top inappropriate. i die of laughter.

  3. Hahaha! I love those. I totally agree. I never understood the whole “celebrating” thing. My son told me we should turn off the lights for a minute to save energy to which I promptly replied, ” they’ve been off ALL DAY!” lol

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