Yup… Milli Vanilli were right! I’m just going to blame it on the rain!

I finally gave in and got myself an ultra-expensive, ridiculously overpriced gym membership. Our eliptical machine broke last week and due to the NEVER ENDING SHITTY SHITTY RAIN, I am unable to get outside much to go for walks/jogs/etc.

Sooo in order to actually exercise regularly- I decided to cave and pay the price for fitness and health. The ironic thing is- I still have to walk TO the gym… so if it’s raining- I still have to walk in the rain to get there, but it’s only 10-15 minutes each way and I CAN take a bus if need be. If I have to walk in the rain to get TO a location, it’s not as bad as if I’m walking in the rain for exercise!

I feel better already. I feel like I can really exercise like I used to! The club is pretty nice! Much newer, nicer equipment than the shit at 24 Hour Fitness. The TVs actually work and you can plug your headset in to your machine to hear the TVs. THere are 9 to choose from- all playing different shows. I appreciate this since I come from 24 hour where they have about 15 TVs with 2-3 shitty shows to choose from (and that’s IF they even work).

It’s also got a lot of little private-ish areas to work out in that are more mellow and not so crowded. I think I’ll go take a yoga class tomorrow.

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