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Well… except for the thumb sucking part. But you see, this weekend I bought myself a blanket. ūüôā Not just any blanket, a very very special blanket. Around Christmas I was at Nicole’s and I was cold and Adrian let me borrow his wonderful NAP blanket. It was very nice and it gave me an idea. I thought I would buy¬†similar blankets¬†for my niece and nephew for their birthdays¬†since they always fight over the “soft blanket” in their house.

So¬†I headed to Brookstone Saturday night with the kiddies while I was babysitting and picked up a few NAP Cuddle blankets for Preston and Emma. I decided to also buy myself a NAP Dream Blanket¬†since I fell in love with Adrian’s. While I was at it, I picked up a travel size Cuddle blanket (which I can totally justify since I REALLY need it for all my 15 hour plane rides!)

Remember in the movie Mr. Mom from the 80’s the vacuum cleaner (“jaws”) started to eat the kid’s “woobie” and the kid freaked out? Well thats what would happen if someone tried to steal my dream blanket.

I’m in love. It is the softest most cuddly piece of heaven that you could ever imagine and it’s all mine.

Of course I slept with my new blankie last night… and I dont mean I covered myself up with it to keep warm. No, I scrunched it up in a ball¬†and hugged it all night. We cuddled. Me and my woobie.

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