Friday night Andrew and I did something I haven’t done in a REALLY long time. We went and saw a local band play at a small little local band-type venue.  All of the shows I’ve been to in the last few years have primarily been big name, big cost events so it felt like I was walking back in time a bit. I felt a little sad when I first walked in. I used to love going to shows. My friends and I went to them ALL the time. It was a weekly ritual at one stage in our lives. Now I never go to shows. I never see bands period. I realized something yesterday… my concert days are completely OVER now that I moved to Australia. Like EVERYTHING else in this country, tickets to see bands are ridiculously priced and I just can’t justify spending $73 to see a band like Vampire Weekend. As great as it would be to see them, that price is exorbitant.

My nostalgic reminiscing quickly disappeared when the 2nd band came on stage. This is how they sounded…


It was horrible. Repulsive. At one stage, the “singer” (is it even legal to call him that?) said “This song is called This is Hell.” I turned to Andrew and smiled excitedly and exclaimed “Kind of like my life right now.” It was a total Blair Waldorf moment.

In the end, the band we actually went to see came on and were quite good. Probably not my number one pick but they weren’t screaming like satan so that was a major step up from the previous band.

The atmosphere overall was really strange. There were so many types of people there. It wasn’t like the good old days of ska shows where all the kids were wearing their checkers and converse (while Jen and I dressed in our cute dresses and high heels). No, it was like this weird alter realm where Glamis, a Rage concert, a Fall Out Boy video and a Tony Hawke game  all came together in one confused universe. I wasn’t quite sure where I fit in in all of that mix. Additionally, I was reminded or made aware of quite a few other things last night:

1. Shows are loud

2.  My feet and back hurt after standing in one place for 2 hours

3. I will never understand how it is enjoyable to have sweaty long hair whipping in your face as you headbang

4.  Some girls need to look in the mirror before leaving the house

5.  Screaming is not a talent I ever aspire to master

6. People actually still mosh

In the end it was nice to get out and do something different for a change. It was nice to be whisked back 10 years to my days of seeing local bands. Those were some fun times.

5 thoughts on “Blast to my Past”

  1. Love your description of it being a mix of Glamis, Rage and Fall Out Boy…can totally picture it in my head! Who did you guys see?
    Did you used to hang out at Chain Reaction every weekend like I did? I was one of the stylish ones back in the day with checkers drawn on my converse and wearing dickies and I didn’t mosh, but on occassion I was known to “skank” to some of the ska bands…I shudder thinking about this now, but it was a total blast while I was doing it 🙂

    1. OMG Dana… yes! My friend and I went there all the time. Her boyfriend at the time was in a ska band so we were there SO MUCH. When did you go? We were there a lot in 97-99 or so. We went to see Second Best on the weekend.

  2. We were probably at a lot of the same shows then because I was in the 8th grade in 97-98 and that is when my parents started dropping us off most Friday/Saturday nights for shows…too funny!

  3. hahaha you crack me up! “some girls need to look in the mirror before leaving the house.” so classic. Oh I went to Chain a year or two ago… it’s not quite the same. Oh the memories. And for the record, I never skanked!

  4. Too funny Elsja! Our tolerance as teenagers and when we were younger was much higher than it is now. I still love going to shows too, but I am much more picky about who I will sacrifice standing the entire time to see.

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