So I haven’t actually felt the need to report on any books EVER. I know they made us do it in school- but it was never fun! But in less than 2 months, I have read over 2700 pages of books and I must tell the world about it. 2,700 is a lot of freaking pages. I am usually lucky if I can get through a 200 page book in a month. I’m not a huge reader as a general rule (clearly). Even when I read “Eat, Pray, Love” I hardly wanted to tell the world- but I did… on my blog… HERE.

So anyways, back to my point… I’m sure you all know by now (well, if you actually read my 101 things that make me happy list) that I LOVE the Twilight series. I got the first book for Christmas and figured I would be able to take it with me on the plane when I went home in January. I was so wrong. That book was finished in 3 1/2 days. That in itself was a miracle. One book in less than a week? Seriously amazing for me. SO then of course I was on a mission to find number 2. I NEEDED number 2 (New Moon) for the plane ride. But after a week of searching (I even had my friends on missions to find it)- I was out of luck. 5 book stores later I was still empty handed. So of course I did what any normal person would do. I googled the number for the bookstores in the Sydney airport and I called them to see if they had any copies in stock. She assured me they did… so my number 1 mission after checking in for my flight was to hobble (with my healing broken foot) to the nearest bookstore to find my treasured book. It was like a beacon of light perched on the shelf. I was happy.

I read the entire 563 pages on my flight. I didn’t sleep at all. My eyes and brain hurt.


So then I got to California and I was once again bookless. Time to buy # 3 (and 4 while I was at it) so I headed to the nearest Barnes and Noble to make my purchase. Again, I was happy.

I finished Eclipse (# 3) in the first week and then moved on to # 4, but I had to go slow. I didn’t want it to end. So I saved it (and savored it like my last little reeses pieces in the bag when I know I can’t just run to any store to buy more because they don’t sell them in this country). I made a pact to ONLY read the book while I was at the gym. Such great motivation to get to the gym and work out. My plan worked- I was motivated to work out AND the book took WAY longer to finish than the first 3.

So I realize that I haven’t actually reported on the books themselves, but more so my obsession with this series. I guess I never planned on telling you about them in the first place- that would spoil the fun!! I realize this makes me look completely insane, but for a few weeks of my life, maybe I was. If you’ve read the books (and you aren’t Jen or my mom) you will completely understand what I mean.

So what did I do when I was finished? I started a new book- “Why We Suck” by Denis Leary. Yes, the comedian/actor Denis Leary. Usually that guy drives me nuts, but I was compelled to read this book when I read the cover and realized that he was writing EXACTLY what I think about the world. I mean come on- I even have a whole blog category entitled “I hate people… sometimes.” So a whole book about why people suck is RIGHT up my alley. I must say, the book was really funny. Well, it was funny to ME- because I completely agree with most of the stuff he was saying. However, if you are a feminist, a super strict Catholic, a politician, a celebrity, an overweight person, etc… you might hate it. You might REALLY hate it. He really does go overboard sometimes- like he’s trying too hard to be funny. There were definitely parts that reminded me of why I tend to think he’s annoying as a comedian, but overall I really agree with him. People ARE loud, fat, lazy and stupid- so this book really struck a chord in my heart and made me realize I’m not alone in my disgust with 85% of mankind. If you aren’t easily offended… I suggest you read it too!

Now I’m onto a new book… but I’m not even that far in- so maybe if it’s good I’ll tell you about it when I’m finished.

3 thoughts on “Book Reports”

  1. I also love the Twilight series! I couldn’t put them down either. Funny story: I begged my husband to read Twilight, and he finally agreed to listen to the book on CD when he was driving to Atlanta. He was somewhat impressed, but said he wasn’t going to read the others. Then I took him to see the movie. He was obsessed. He read the next three books in two days. And he now sometimes pretends to be Edward…”Do I dazzle you?”

  2. i wish my man would read twilight! i put down three at the beginning of december – and finally just started again. now i’m deep in the throws of edward once more. i just adore it!

    as a side note – denis leary is highlarious… and an emerson alumni. for a little bit of my college’s trivia: him and jay leno were randomly selected as roommates for their freshman year and lived together for the other 3. they remain very good friends to this day. šŸ™‚

  3. He talks about emerson in the book šŸ™‚

    The other day Andrew picked up Twilight and said “I wish I could read this book.”

    I said, “why can’t you?”

    He looked at me like the biggest idiot in the world. He was clearly being sarcastic (I missed that one). He wants nothing to do with any of the Twilight series.

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