Ok so I found boots! FINALLY.

I went to dinner with some friends the other night in the city, and since I was 30 minutes early I decided to wander around and look for shoes. I had nearly given up with 10 minutes to spare when I found a pair of decent looking black boots. Now, they were a tad too big- but let’s face it, they won’t slip off my feet when they go halfway up my calf. They are kinda casual and I would prefer to have these in brown, but… they only had my size in black. They were the last ones left. They weren’t phenomenal but they weren’t hideous either. And they weren’t too expensive. So with 5 minutes until I had to meet my friends for dinner, I made the spur of the moment purchase.

Too big, too casual and too black?? I’M SOLD! But really, I do like them. I think.

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
In other Elsja news, I finished reading a book. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is- because I hardly ever read. I can’t recommend this book highly enough… I really liked it. Eat Pray Love is one woman’s tale of self-discovery (in a nutshell). I had seen it in Target and thought about buying it but it seemed too “search for existential meaning” for my liking…like some typical “I found myself through God” book. So, I just wasn’t interested.

Until… I saw the author on Oprah. Then I was sold and I knew I had to read it. Good ol’ Oprah is a marketing genius! (If I could just get her help with my invention idea…)

The author throws in some humor and sarcasm, which I like. She is very real and talks about her highs and lows (lots of lows) and doesn’t make this all seem like some bogus spiritual journey.

Be warned…this book talks a lot about meditation, religion and yoga… which aren’t for everyone- but I can honestly say, she wrote it in such a way that it doesn’t seem like it was written by some fruitloop. I tend to be the type that sits in a yoga class and giggles to myself when everyone around me is trying to meditate and “clear their chakras” blah blah hocus pocus… I always thought that aspect of yoga was a bunch of crap. I really was just there for the exercise. This book enlightened me to think that maybe meditation wouldn’t be such a ridiculous idea after all.

Oh… and she also throws in a fair share of food and sex… so there’s something for everyone!

2 thoughts on “Boots and Books”

  1. OOH! i couldn’t even finish that book- i so hated it! all my friends liked it though.

    as for the boots: PHOTOS PLEASE!

  2. I am going to purchase the book. You know I love reading and if you liked it I am bound to like it. Yes, photos of the boots would be good. Loved the tale.

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