Wii bowling has totally improved my real bowling skills. I know this post is a little delayed but last week when Andrew, my sisters, their husbands and I went to Strike bowling bar in Tustin. In a game with 6 participants… I WON! I couldn’t believe it. It’s one thing to beat 1 person, or 2… but to beat all 5- INCLUDING Andrew who beats me at EVERYTHING… annnnd Trevor who usually is right up there with Andrew on bowling skills. Icouldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it!

Then we started a second game and I started throwing gutter balls right away.

My win was a total fluke, but a fluke that will be rememberd and cherished in my memory forever.


3 thoughts on “Bowling Skills”

  1. I love the Wii. No joke I went to a Bondi Beach Boxing class and the guy was like, “Have you taken lessons before?” And I was like, “Nope.” Then he was like, “No way – you have obviously done this before – where did you learn?” And I said, “Ok I’ll tell you but I don’t think you’ll believe me.” then I told him my mad skillz were from the Wii. and he didn’t believe me. But they were.

    And p.s. thanks for the tunnel comment – that makes a lot of sense and definitely touched home with me. xo

  2. i got my husband a wii for his birthday this year, and THANK GOD, i have that since my foot surgery… i can actually bowl in my living room! even though, i do bowl and have to sit down right away… it’s nice to do something constructive. and, before my surgery, i boxed, and man! I WAS SORE!

    so, i’m w/ you on the wii.

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