Bringing Sexy Back… YEEEP

Who’s bringing sexy back?? Oh… that’s right…

HE IS!!!!! 


Who’s going to see Justin Timberlake at the House of Blues???? Oh… that’s right…

WE ARE!!!!

Well… we hope. Tickets go on sale at 10:00am tomorrow… I’m counting on my sister, Nicole and Jen to get tix! Then we’ll be bringing sexy back allllll night long!

Who would have thunk that I would ever go to a JT concert? Not me… but sheeez I think it will be really exciting and fun. I really really hope we get tickets before it sells out so I can dance all night like a crazy star struck 15 year old!


10 thoughts on “Bringing Sexy Back… YEEEP”

  1. Well, I bet Lance wanted to “see” JT too… if you know what I mean… but… just wanting to watch him perform at HOB does not make you LB! 🙂

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