Andrew and I ventured out on Monday morning to enjoy “morning tea.” There is a newish restaurant down at Middle Head called Burnt Orange. Evidently it’s been open since September but we only just discovered it. Middle Head is one of Andrew’s favorite places to hang out when he goes for bike rides and it just so happens it is also where he proposed. So when he suggested that we should walk down there to get some tea, it sounded like a great idea. When we walked up, I immediately fell in love with the place. It was so cute! It’s like an old country home straight out of the Hamptons. The huge wrap around deck is adorned with cute little painted table and chairs. Inside, there is this awesome shop full of SO much adorable stuff. From homemade jams and wines to cook books to sweet homemade sock toys for kids; it is the perfect place to find any gift whether it be for a new baby, a bridal shower or a housewarming . With that said, most of the gifts are ridiculously overpriced, but it’s all very fun to look at. I could spend hours in there browsing around. Luckily for Andrew I only spent about 15 minutes.

So here it is… my first “non-dinner” review:

Decor: 10- With all of the cute little details I already mentioned, paired with a beautiful view of the harbour- how could it get any nicer  It’s one of the cutest cafes I’ve seen in Sydney. It was a nice change from the typical modern metal and plastic furniture you see in most casual cafes around here. The ambiance of the location, decor and overall atmosphere was very pleasant.

Value: 8- While I will always preface this with “compared to other places in Sydney” – I have to say, this was quite reasonable. I don’t go out for breakfast much since it’s not one of my favorite meals but when we do go for breakfast, we usually head down to Bottom of the Harbour at Balmoral. While Bottom of the Harbour has great views of the ocean, it also has a lot of traffic and pedestrians passing by constantly; plus, the service there isn’t that great. Anyway… my point is that B.O.T.H. charges more for many of the same items we saw at Burnt Orange and Burnt Orange has a great view as well and it’s more quiet and peaceful. With all that said, I didn’t order much at B.O. and the lunch did look at bit more pricey. I’d have to try more food there to see if it’s really as good of a value as I think it is based on my first experience.

Taste: 7- I only ordered a scone, but it was a delicious sun dried tomato and cheese scone with cream cheese on top. Yum. I ordered that with an Earl Grey tea and Andrew got a fruit salad with yogurt and a flat white coffee. For what we ordered, I don’t have too many complaints. I think my scone had great flavor, but could have been a little moister- it was a tad bit hard and dry on the bottom. Andrew liked his fruit but not his coffee. He has since been back and reported that his eggs and toast were good… so we’re pretty much 2 for 2.

Service: 7- They were really nice and didn’t charge Andrew for adding honey to his fruit salad. When I asked for my scone to be heated, they happily obliged. I wouldn’t say it was the most fantastic service but I personally think it is WAY better than at Bottom of the Harbour.

I definitely look forward to going back. This place actually makes me want to go out for breakfast and I never want to do that! It also makes me want to shop and buy tons of cute things to decorate my house and give as gifts. Oh how I wish I had millions of dollars just lying around to waste.

2 thoughts on “Burnt Orange”

  1. I LOVE Burnt Orange! The pancakes are a huge hit with my kids and their basic eggs and toast is half the price of Bather’s. And as you said it is so charming! I agree, their gift shop is gorgeous. All in all a wonderful little spot. Great review!

  2. Well it sounds like a place we can enjoy the next time I get to come visit you. I will gladly browse the shop with you. I love this type of place. (as you know).

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