So today I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I worked- but that doesn’t count, I always work. But other than that, I had NO plans. Do you know how nice that is? I’ve only been home since Sunday and on top of working every day I have already?had lunch with friends once, ?gone to 3 dinners, attempted to shop for clothes twice, went to Target (that doesn’t count as shopping, that’s a hobby), went to my sister’s in-laws to hang out with the family, got fingerprinted (for my visa) had a Dr. apt, went to the gym twice, spent the night at my sister’s house, and managed to work on my forum a bit.

Do you know how nice it was to have NO plans today? I literally made plans to not make plans. Tomorrow it’s back to business and I have a hair appointment… FINALLY. I’m looking forward to getting a major trim so that my house will stop looking like a hair farm. Do you all remember my hair post??The day before I left I was out on my balcony looking at my cilantro plant…examining the leaves and what do I find? One of my long blonde hairs. Seriously… outside… on a plant! So anyways, hopefully a trim will help a bit! I

Andrew arrives Tuesday and I’m very happy to see him. I know we’re used to not seeing each other for long periods of time. While you do get used to it, it’s still never fun. I can’t wait for him to come hang out with my family and friends- he hasn’t been here in?over a year and a half! I miss my love. While I dread the day he has to start taking two week trips for work- I can also realize that missing him will always make me appreciate him more when he is home 🙂

Off to bed… maybe tonight I’ll be able to sleep without assistance in the form of a pill. I’ve managed to overcome jetlag magically! And by “magically” I mean “with the use of drugs.”

Sweet dreams to me!

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