You were amazing at the start, but since October you have been nothing but a massive pain in our ass! After countless calls to tech support, (I’m guessing around 20 in the last 9 months), plus 4 visits from an iinet technician and 2 visits from a Telstra technician, not to mention 2 new routers and all the times we had issues and DIDN’T call… tonight was the final straw. Your customer service is always fantastic, but coming home all the time to a dropped connection is not. So another internet outage tonight was just what we needed to push us over the edge and cancel our service. We have been wanting to cancel for months now but are always too lazy to look for a new provider. Finally we said screw it, the 3g on our iPhones is better than this terrible ADSL!

So now Andrew has decided that we are going to try going without proper internet for a month. We’ll use our iPhones for a connection and we’ll see how that goes. I’m  sure that won’t go over too well in the long run, especially since I still have to do some work from home, but we’ll give it a go… for awhile.

I will say this… if you want amazing customer service- go with iiNet. If you want a internet connection that actually works, don’t.


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