Since before I even moved to Australia, I’ve been hearing about Cafe Pacifico. For some reason I had never been there the entire 3 years I’ve lived in Sydney. That all changed on Wednesday when I headed there after work with all of my colleagues. I was very excited to discover that this place is only a 5 minute walk from my office, sweet! I was very curious- would it live up to the hype AND would it taste better than Baja Cantina Let’s find out, shall we?

Decor/Setting: 8: It definitely fits the Mexican theme, that’s for sure. The place is decorated with old boxes of beer and tequila and I was just waiting for some short Mexican guys to come out of the woodwork with whistles and tequila shots and start flipping people upside down. It’s pretty loud as well so it’s definitely not the place for a romantic night out.

Value: 5: The value at any Mexican restaurant in Sydney is pretty crap, but this place seemed even more over priced than the others. A jug of Sangria was almost $30 bucks and didn’t seem that strong. I got a jug at Bungalow 8 last week for $15. Maybe it was bigger than it appeared but $30 just seemed like a lot. The quacamole that was ordered seemed tiny for the price as well. I know avocados are expensive, but seriously- I could make 6 times the amount at home for the same price they paid the other night. I shared fajitas with my boss because I wasn’t starving. They were expensive, as fajitas always are, but they actually came with enough for us to each have two decent sized fajitas each. I was glad I didn’t get my own.

Service: 7 It wasn’t anything stellar but it wasn’t horrible either. I’m rating it a bit lower because we struggled to get the server’s attention whenever we wanted more drinks.

Taste: 8- The guacamole was good… maybe not as good as mine, but good. Sangria was pretty good but again, not as good as mine. 🙂 The Fajitas were great! I actually liked them better than Baja Cantina’s! They only downfall is that they didn’t come with cheese (BC’s do) and they only had pinto beans, not black beans. A co-worker got chicken quesadillas and they looked very appetizing so maybe I’d try those next time.

Overall I thought the food was really good. I can’t knock the cost because Mexican is just expensive here, period. It’s a great atmosphere for parties or special occasions so I’m definitely looking forward to going back at some point and getting tipsy on some overpriced sangria!

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