California and Your Wussy Traffic Laws

I’ve heard more people complaining (or maybe they are just commenting) on the law that went into effect yesterday making it illegal to drive with a hand held cell phone. Evidently the penalty for this is $20 bucks or something.

Goodness, poor California. Twenty whole dollars??? You want to experience some REAL traffic laws, move to Sydney. Take a look at some of the laws and penatlies here!

Talking on the phone while driving

Penalty in CA: $20.00

Penalty in Sydney: $230.00! Yes… TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY BUCKS! that includes talking, texting, or even turning the phone off and on!

New drivers aren’t even legally allowed to use ANY phone- headset or not!

You also get demerit points. As an experienced driver you get up to 12 points in 3 years. Sooo lets put this into perspective… For this offense of driving while talking on the phone… or HOLDING the phone for that matter- you can get 3 points (a quarter of your license). . Do this on a holiday weekend (points are doubled on holidays) and there’s 6 points or half your license.

A $20.00 fine isn’t sounding too bad right about now.

Driving without a seat belt

Penalty in CA: $20.00

Penalty in Sydney: $243.00! Yes… TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE BUCKS!! annnnd… that’s just for the driver. If you have another passenger without a seatbelt the fine goes up to $486.

For this same offense of driving without a seat belt, you earn 3 points. If you happen to get caught on a holiday weekend, you are basically halfway to losing your license…remember, we’re talking about driving without a seatbelt here.

So… what happens if you and a friend (so 2 people) are in your car, driving along on a holiday weekend, minding your own business, no seat belts… and you get caught?? YOU LOSE YOUR LICENSE!!!!

No, I’m not joking.

Don’t get me started on the speed cameras, red light cameras and $150 parking fines!!!

And people wonder why I’m afraid to drive in this country!!!

2 thoughts on “California and Your Wussy Traffic Laws”

  1. I laughed when I saw the news. That’s not a fine. That’s not news.

    Its Cancer, Heart Disease and then Car Accidents. The three leading causes of death. It’s quite clear the US doesn’t care to actually crack down on the one with the greatest chance of prevention.

  2. I had an expired tag– don’t know how that happened since we had only bought the car 3 months prior– got pulled over for no reason except that the Sydney cop sitting behind me searched my license number for fun–
    I think it was a $400 ticket. CRAZY!

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