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What is it about going back to California that gives me this incredible urge to shop and eat? I don’t even typically like shopping all that much (unless it’s for home and kitchen goods) and even just a week ago I thought to myself “I won’t be buying much when I go home, I’ll save some money.”

Yeah, right.

That all changed. I leave for California tomorrow and of course I’m excited to see my friends and family but I’m also really excited to go shopping. So much for my plan to make this a cheap trip. I just can’t resist! I pretty much ONLY shop when I go home. I still think I’ve probably bought less than 10 items of clothing since I moved here. Shoes  2 pairs since moving. I’ve been here almost 2 years people! That is an accomplishment for a girl!! However, the lack of my shopping down under means I go a bit crazy when I go back to the states. I probably could have squeezed all of my stuff into one big suitcase- or maybe one big and one little. But, I’m bringing 2 big ones to lug back all the stuff I buy while I’m away!

Here’s a little snapshot of a few of my favorite places that I intend to visit while I’m back:


California, here I come! I’ll be there Thursday, bright and early!!

4 thoughts on “California Shopping & Dining”

  1. Ohhhh I am so jealous that you are back in California right now enjoying some June Gloom! Every time I read your blog I am reminded that we really should meet because we are like the same person in lots of ways. I also have the urge to shop and eat big when back in the States and have never really found a store here where the clothes fit me properly and keep me coming back for more. I shop in bulk back home, overfill two huge suitcases to bring back here, and then still find that I have nothing to wear (as is the case now and I won’t go home now until Christmas)! Anyway, thanks for letting me live vicariously in CA through you today.

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