I am always a bad blogger when I come back to California. My life in Sydney is pretty simple and straight forward- I am not a super busy person all of the time. But when I come back for visits I sometimes feel like I have no time to breathe! Why haven’t I blogged lately? Let’s see… in the last 1.5 weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve been busy doing the following:

  • Meeting with the florist and deciding on flower budgets
  • Creating our wedding website (it’s almost finished)
  • Meeting with a baker
  • Talking to places about tuxes
  • Sending emails to Andrew with pictures of cakes and tuxes
  • Ordering our cake
  • Buying my wedding shoes
  • Buying my wedding jewelry
  • Finalizing invitations with my friend/designer
  • Attempting to get said invitations printed but still haven’t because kinkos sucks
  • Buying paper products for invitations
  • Buying wedding bands
  • Meeting with the caterer/rental guy to plan out our seating and other venue details
  • Meeting with hotel sales managers to organize discounted rooms for our guests
  • And lastly… picking up my dress! šŸ™‚

Let’s not forget that I was also working, spending time with friends and family, doing dinners and going to gym as well. Yes, I do feel like I’m going to explode. Part of the benefit of having a year long engagement is that you don’t have to rush the planning. Yeah, that’s not really the case in our situation. When I head back to Sydney in a few weeks- that will be the last of my California-based wedding planning until I fly back out in August so I really have to do AS MUCH as possible while I’m here. Rushing around to get everything done in two weeks sort of takes the fun out of some of the planning. It’s not fair, I shouldn’t have to be rushing and feeling this pressure when our wedding is still 6 months away!! šŸ™

1 thought on “Can I Breathe Yet?”

  1. It’s hard to even open a computer while you’re traveling, so kudos to you. Wish it weren’t so stressful but somehow wedding planning and stress, go hand and hand. Once it draws closer and all the planning has been done, try this mantra: Go with the flow! We had so many little things crop up, at the last minute and each time my girls looked at me like I was going to erupt just from hearing about them. I smiled and said, no worries, I’m going with the flow. They were so proud of me! LOL I’m proud of you because you’re so on top of everything.

    P.S. Isn’t it fun to look at cake designs?

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