I’ve always been a sucker for beauty products that smell like something I’d like to devour. Rose and musky scents never floated my boat, but give me marmalade moisturiser or cotton candy lip gloss any day and I’m a happy gal. So when I recently stumbled upon a little ditty called Porridge soap from Lush, I was in love. A bit sweet, a tad fresh and full of real oats to exfoliate. I didn’t realise I had really fallen for this little bar of joy until recently when I found the block quickly running out. I was looking at the possibility of having to go back to green forest breeze soap, but rather than succumbing to that, I went online and ordered 4 new bars. Is it bad that when the little oats rub off onto my skin I sort of want to eat them? That’s not just the diet talking either.

Imagine my excitment when my new bars arrived and there was an extra little bag with the word “sample” written on it. Now, usually samples are tiny scraps of something you would never want to use any way, but this time there was a big hunk of wonderful. It was the Each Peach massage bar.  Smells like heaven. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually not peachy. It smells like lemon pie. It’s a bar that looks like soap, but when you rub it on it warms up enough to melt oils into your skin, leaving you soft and delectable.

Guess what? Their sneaky marketing tactics worked. This morning as I walked by a Lush shop I made a beeline for the front door and headed straight for the massage bars. I picked myself up a little treat and now I’ll be smelling delicious all the time!


2 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without Lush”

  1. LOVE this story.. You write so well, that I could feel the experience!! SO. Birthday can come with you in November. Massage bar please. I need to capture every bit of oil possible onto this sun weathered leather of mine…Love ya Boog

  2. So you sent this out on your can’t live without. However, it makes me gag. I loathe products that are meant to clean things, but instead replicate food. It’s like the grossest thing ever. So this my friend, is one thing we cannot agree on.

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