Don’t get excited- I’m not actually going to post any really interesting details or photos from our trip so far. I just want to drop in and say I’m still alive over here. The internet doesn’t work on my computer so I’ve been borrowing our friends’ internet which doesn’t allow me to spend much time blogging. Andrew even wrote a big ol’ blog about our journey over but we can’t post it because it’s saved on my desktop. Oh well.

Here’s just a quick snipit to let you know what we’ve been doing:

  • We climbed Lion’s head
  • Andrew climbed Table Mountain with Stu. I took the cable car up because I was way too wussy to climb up after doing lion’s head.
  • We’ve had some amazing lunches and dinners- the food has been quite good 🙂
  • We visited Robben Island
  • We had a big, boozy night out on Friday
  • Today we went wine tasting at some amazingly beautiful wineries
  • Tuesday we are going shark diving
  • Wednesday Andrew and I head off to Namibia for our 2 day safari and Kimbo, Stu, Mitchell and Sarah will join us there on Friday!

The best part of all is that we’ve been able to visit some great friends and relax in such a beautiful city. We return to Sydney on April 2nd. I’ll post more details and photos then.

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