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Laura Jack is 27 years old living with her partner, Josh in a flat in Melbourne City Centre. She’s a part-time guest blogger and a full-time accountant for PWC. Laura enjoys a good night out in Melbourne with her girlfriends, but doesn’t mind a quiet night in with some Italian food and a nice glass of Malbec.

Casino1If you’ve ever been invited to a swish night out at a casino you may have politely turned it down as you were scared you wouldn’t know what to do in there.

At least – that’s what I did recently when I was invited for a night out with a group of friends – all of whom had visited this very fancy casino twice before. But not I, of course. And here’s the thing – I desperately wanted to go because I was extremely keen to “connect” with one of the other people in the group; let’s just leave it like that shall we?

Now when I spoke to another friend after this dilemma had passed – she said: “Why on earth didn’t you just practice online – you can even get a little free cash to help you?” Actually – what she really said was completely unprintable – this is the sanitized gist of her advice! Also – most of her advice concerned my “missed opportunity” in words which are, again, utterly unprintable. She didn’t give a hoot about the casino games as you might imagine!


Anyway, I’ve since heard that the night the group of friends had was a  raging success – fine dining, fun in the casino, a few drinks and a generally elegant and very agreeable evening all-round. In fact, the seven of them enjoyed it all so much that there’s another visit planned for late September and I’m invited once again; except this time, I mean to actually be there.

So I’ve been searching around to take my friend’s advice so I can practice a little casino rehearsal and won’t need to make a lame excuse for my no-show next time around.

There are loads to choose from all trying to throw their free cash at you as they complete for your business. I joined the 32Red casino and pocketed a cool $32 for each $20 I put in. I actually just put $20 in of course and have kept it at that as it’s quite sufficient for my rehearsal. I could have equally gone for one of the other casinos like 888, Bet365 or loads of others – they all have different bonus deals available for new players.

So there we are for a few dollars of my own down, and even more completely free of charge, I’m now reasonably proficient at blackjack, roulette, poker and quite a few other games. I even won a few dollars here and here, but seem to be on a steady downward trajectory overall! Nevertheless, this is a great way to have a go and not to feel like a bit of a casino newbie when it comes to the real thing.

Of course, this feeling probably wouldn’t bother some people, but I’m just like that – I like to feel I know what I’m doing at least to some extent – and now I do.

So watch out all you croupiers, I’m coming for ya … fully-loaded!


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  1. Im from Sydney (in Perth for the next 12 mnths) but we only have 1 casiono in Sydney, Star City at Pyrmont, its a great place(I love it anyway,tried many a time to re-enact scenes from fear and loathing in Las Vegas there), but the only one, we don’t have a “strip” like Vegas.

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